Many people have a problem when it comes to packing even something as small as luggage for a weekend camping trip. A storage locker unit is much bigger and things are normally put in randomly. This might not matter much if you have only a few things to store in a Victoria storage locker unit. But, those who rent storage units generally have more than just a few casual things to pack inside. What do you need to consider when packing storage units?

The major consideration is eliminating damage to the things in the storage locker unit. Damage can occur when things break from falling or from being squeezed in too tightly in the unit. And, if a storage unit is not climate controlled, your items might be subjected to mould, or other kinds of moisture damage. Another part of packing a Victoria storage locker unit that you need to consider is being able to locate items without wading through file upon file, or box after box. Knowing where different items are packed and being able to reach them saves you time and results in less frustration when retrieving things from the storage locker.

What can you do to address these issues? Proper packing of a storage locker starts with preparation and organization. The first step is to ensure that the storage locker unit is big enough. This might not be possible if the locker is one that comes with an apartment rental unit, but if you are renting a unit at a storage facility, there are different sizes of storage units to select from. If you are looking to store big, bulky things such as mattresses or sofas, then you should measure them first to know the locker size to rent.

If you are looking to store smaller items, sturdy boxes, labels, and tissue paper are necessary. Organize things such as CDs, DVDs, glassware, books, figurines, and other such items. When it comes to packing books and magazines, line the boxes using plastic to prevent any possible moisture damage. You can put bay leaves inside the boxes to keep insects away, which is crucial if you are looking to store the boxes in a storage locker for a long time. Fill the boxes as much as you can. You can stuff newspapers or tissue paper into the empty spaces to fill the box completely. For very fragile items, wrap them in towels for protection. Ensure that the boxes are not too heavy to lift. Label the boxes on all sides, and on top. Boxes with fragile items should be labeled as such.

When packing the storage locker itself, ensure that you have a portable ladder on hand. You should also have a screwdriver and packing tape. Disassemble any large furniture pieces to be stored, like dining tables or bed frames to maximize the available space.

Large items and items that will not be needed immediately should go into the Victoria storage locker unit first. Arrange your boxes leaving a clear path to make it easy to reach all items. Heavy boxes should be on the bottom and those with lighter, more fragile things on top.

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