With common lifestyle practices being more geared towards “on the go” than ever, we think it’s about time that automated package locker systems are finally starting to take hold.

In a world where drive throughs rule all: Drive through food, pharmacies, mini marts, pretty much anything and everything you need these days can be received- near instantly, and generally, while you’re busy doing something else. The need to multitask and accomplish daily errands efficiently is paramount to having a smooth running household. Juggling work, family, friends, and “me time” are all necessities of our daily lives, but it seems that we keep needing to cram more into every available hour.

This is where automated package locker systems come in. Lockers, in general, have been saving us time and effort for years, in a number of different ways. From the convenience of storage, to safety within our households, how lockers have integrated themselves into our busy lives is impressive, and how they continue to do so is nothing short of astounding.

Automated package lockers: What are they?

With the touch of a button, you can have anything from groceries, to household items, to personal care necessities, delivered directly to your door- but what happens if say, you’re nowhere near your door? Or you live in an area where package delivery is unavailable or unsafe?

Have no fear, automated package lockers are here!

Okay, so maybe it’s not the greatest tagline, but they are incredibly useful for any of us who feel like they are constantly on the go. These lockers have been instituted by large e-commerce chains and local postal services alike, making them readily available and convenient to get to- provided you live in their service area.

Automated package lockers: How do they work?

Automated package lockers work on an “as needed basis”. Instead of being assigned a specific locker, and having to pay monthly- whether you use it or not- packages themselves are placed in whatever locker there is available to best fit it’s shape, weight, and size.

So, as a customer, you register for an account with any of the locker provider services. You then are given an access card and ID number. Once you place your online order, for whatever package you need to receive you  have it sent to the automated package locker bank location. When your package has arrived, you receive a notification, and the package is placed in a locker that is secured with your ID number and access card details.

This ensures that only you will have access to your package.

Automated package lockers: Are they for me?

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have time to wait around at home or the office to be able to get the goods you need, then absolutely. If you find yourself on the move more often than you are stationary, these locker systems could be a huge improvement on how you are able to go about your day. Do you find yourself buying more and more of your necessary goods online?

While some people may not require them, postal providers are reporting huge increases of package delivery numbers as well as a very positive response to these lockers where they have been instituted. Most automated package locker banks are available for pick up 24 hours a day and require no excess paperwork.

These systems are exceptional at keeping your life streamlined, without unnecessary interruption. You can now have your packages exactly when, and where, you need them. All at the press of a button!

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