The days of using the original chalk board may be gone but they are definitely not forgotten. The concept of being able to write down your ideas or to communicate a message has been useful in schools and businesses for ages. Today we are so into technology that we may use the projector for most of our presentations, however the dry erase board is never too far to reach. This is because they are still useful tools today. Dry erase surfaces are helpful because they help you brain storm ideas, produce creative content, and they are good for at home or in the office.

Brain Storm Ideas

Dry erase surfaces are great because they can be edited over and over again. It’s a great way to put down any ideas you have and complete all your editing without worrying about wasting paper. This method can even be a more flexible way of jotting than using a computer. Technology has brought us a long way and an easier way of doing several things, however when it comes to brainstorming, sometimes traditional writing methods work best.

Produce Creative Content

Dry erase surfaces come in a variety of forms and there are different types of markers and inks that are compatible to use. Draw your pictures, charts or just doodle if you want. The opportunities are endless with dry erase surfaces because they can’t really be damaged. As long as you have the compatible tools, you can go on forever. Things have advanced so much that there is a desk with a dry erase surface you can get. There is even a paintable dry erase surface you can install, and write on both surfaces just like you’re writing on the original dry erase board. Imagine the flexibility of using a whole wall to jot down information. Even using a desk saves time, paper and other supplies.

Good for Home and Office

Dry erase surfaces come in different formats. You can get them plain and original, or you can get them in calendar form. You can get glossy or matte finished boards and most of the newly created surfaces are compatible with the old markers as well as the newly created markers with the bright colors. Use it in your conference room to communicate ideas in meetings or plan out concepts. You can also use it at home to be creative on. When we needed a new dry erase surface at the office we searched


Dry erase surfaces are fun to have and a great tool to use. They help you with brain washing ideas, producing creative content, and the flexibility of using them both at home and in the office. Whiteboards are not stationary. They can be taken down and reinstalled in a different location. You can also install a stick on whiteboard and get the same effect as a standard board. Depending on the finish you use for your white board, you can use a matt finish for both a whiteboard and as a projector screen.

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