SEO: perhaps you have heard the term used vaguely before by other business owners, colleagues, or tech-savvy friends. They may have even emphasized how it can make or break a business. What exactly is ‘SEO,’ and why does it matter in today’s business environment?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, SEO is about increasing your website’s visibility as it appears in major search engine results, such as Google, by using engaging and relevant keywords, links, and content. SEO is important because over 25% of Internet users click the first result they see in a Google search. The higher up your business is on a search engine, the more clicks, views, and business you’ll get!

While many business owners tend to spend their time and finances on marketing, SEO remains much easier to master and is immensely valuable in the following ways:

1) SEO can help you reach a whole new audience

As mentioned above, the top results on search engines provide fresh content with appropriate keywords, phrases, and links. By using the right words when writing content on your site, search engines will come to better understand what you are about and what your business can offer. They will then recommend your site to customers who look up relevant keywords on a search engine. Therefore, part of SEO is researching and utilizing keywords relevant to your business that are often looked up online.

2) SEO aids you in shaping your business

As you begin to use SEO on your site and your traffic increases, you will come to understand which words and links attract customers to your sites, as well as which don’t. It’s a perfect way to study customer behavior in a way that will additionally boost your site traffic and sales. Even better, this can help you cultivate your site’s design, mission, and content.

3) SEO will deepen customers’ trust in your business

Think about your own search engine habits — are you more inclined to click on a website link on the first page of Google or the 70th? Websites on the first page are not only clicked on more because they are convenient but also because they are perceived as more trustworthy and valuable. By showing up high on the list of search engine results, you prove to your future customer that other Internet users have used and trusted your services before.

So that you know why SEO matters, the question becomes how to learn the process. Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to learning SEO. For instance, some individuals prefer having assistance in the process by using website SEO services like Firestarter SEO. Others can learn SEO by taking online courses, reading SEO articles, or watching videos on the process. Either way, there are endless ways to learn about this imperative Internet process that will boost your online presence and sales alike!


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