This article explores four essential strategies for SMS customer support. They include automating the customer support process using AI-powered virtual agents, keeping messages short and to the point, and enabling two-way communication. Listed below are four strategies to implement SMS customer support and ideas on how to create an sms strategy for your shopify store. Enjoy and happy SMSing!

Leverage AI-powered virtual agents to automate SMS customer service.

Automated customer service allows businesses to resolve tickets efficiently. AI can suggest actions and responses based on contextual factors, a customer’s profile, and previous exchanges. It can also help human agents choose the most appropriate response based on the context of each interaction. Sprint, for instance, recently implemented AI in its call center. The AI can analyze customer topics and recommend real-time solutions to agents.

To maximize the use of artificial intelligence, your AI should understand the nuances of customer sentiments and preferences. For example, even though most customers aren’t shy about expressing their emotions, it’s essential to know how to identify the mood of your customers. If your users are angry or frustrated, you should get human help as soon as possible. To make this process more efficient, the AI should start each interaction by asking, “What can I do for you?”

Be short and to the point.

When providing SMS customer service, you can use short messages to replace longer emails. Try to keep your messages short and to the point, as customers are more likely to read short text messages than long ones. Additionally, the information you store on customers’ mobile devices is not easily consolidated across many tools. To keep this information organized and up to date, you should use customer support software that can share data with contact management tools. SMS customer support software should also sync new subscribers, purchase history, and customer conversations across different channels.

SMS is a personal channel that can create excellent customer satisfaction if appropriately implemented. While modern phones allow longer messages, they still have a limit of 160 characters, and you should use this to your advantage. Additionally, ensuring that notes are only crucial to customers will avoid using data or messaging fees. Finally, a company shouldn’t be afraid to use emojis and messaging first communication styles.

Use emojis

Emojis are an excellent way to add a human touch to your SMS marketing. According to psychologist Albert Mehrabian, only 7% of human interaction involves body language and tone of voice. Emojis make text messages personable and conversational because text communication lacks a human voice. Emojis are also a fun way to express yourself.

Before you start using emojis in your SMS marketing campaign, it’s essential to determine who your target audience is. Emoji usage is on the rise, particularly among young people, and past marketing campaigns may give you some insight into their behavior. Emoji use is most prevalent among those aged 25-29 years old. Emojis are more likely to be opened and read by people in this age range, so you’ll want to stick to popular emojis with young people.

The best way to use emojis in your SMS customer support is to make sure you use the right ones for the right situation. For example, when replying to a complaint, never use an emoji with a complaining or angry customer. This could make the customer feel uncomfortable. Instead, try to respond more neutrally with a simple, straightforward response.

Enable two-way communication

You can enhance your customers’ experience by enabling two-way SMS customer support. SMS messages can create a friendly bond between you and your customers, so a promotional SMS message campaign will be sure to do the trick. Plus, customers expect to be replied to – in fact, a recent study found that 70 percent of customers expect you to respond to texts! And when you enable two-way SMS chat, your users will be more engaged and likely to convert into loyal customers.

Unlike other forms of contact, two-way SMS messaging helps you build deeper relationships with customers. As a result, customers respond faster to messages from brands they trust, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their behavior. In addition, you can extend your SMS customer journey beyond a single messaging platform to other offerings, like social media or email. The possibilities are endless. By enabling two-way text messaging, you’ll be on your way to an enhanced customer experience!

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