Whenever manufacturers want a cost effectivesolution to producing their products made from aluminium extrusions, they turnto companies that specialise in downstream manufacturing. They benefit from astreamlined service that offers high-quality and expertise at every stage ofthe process including assistance with the development of prototypes,manufacturing the aluminium extrusion and even assembling the products before they are packaged anddelivered.

Cutting Costs

When using downstream manufacturing there is a significant reduction in the expense of a project. All the processes involved in producing components from aluminium extrusions are carried out on site instead of enlisting the aid of separate companies. Productivity is increased and products can reach their destinations in a much reduced time frame ensuring that deadlines are easily met. The result is a successfully completed project with a faster return on the initial investment.

Greater Supervision

Downstream manufacturing eliminates the frustration often experienced by entrepreneurs when trying to coordinate between several companies who are dealing separately with the different procedures involved in their aluminium extrusion project. With a downstream manufacturer there is just one point of contact where any problems are dealt with quickly. An increased level of communication results in a greater degree of control over the entire project.

Efficient Procedures

Presenting a design for aluminium extrusions that is to become a finished, marketable product involves several highly skilled processes. Experienced toolmakers are needed to first create an accurate, precision ground die that will be responsible for shaping the aluminium extrusions. The die is fitted to a hydraulic press which forces the heated, pliable billet of aluminium through it. The aluminium extrusions have to be quenched to an exact temperature in a specialist machine. At this point experience combined with technology ensure that the extruded aluminium is cooled to an exact temperature that will correspond perfectly with the intended use of the component. Seasoning or ageing takes place in a curing oven for as little as twenty minutes. As soon as the components are cool enough to handle they can be assembled, packaged and transported to their destination.


Imagine the length of time it would take tocomplete a project if all the different processes outlined above were carriedout by separate companies. A downstream manufacturer has experience in allaspects of producing aluminium extrusions to the highest specifications.Whenever you want your project to bring excellent results contact Edmo one of the most experienced downstream manufacturers.

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