Whenever you form a business entity, no matter it is a limited liability company or corporation then you need to apply for an employer identification number. However, if you are starting a sole proprietorship, then it is only required under certain circumstances. It is a unique nine-digit number given by the Internal Revenue Service to the businesses. It is highly essential to get proper information before Gov DOC Filing. You EIN is like a social security number but do not use it in place of your social security number. Also, EIN is mandatory for your UIA registration.

Apply For Employer ID Number:

How To Get A Federal Tax ID? The process is not that difficult, and you do not need any special computer skills to complete EIN application online. In the EIN application form, you have to answer the questions simply. IRS takes up to 2 weeks to make your employer id number a part of its permanent records.

Let’s have a look at the ways to apply for employer ID number:

  1. Apply Online:

The process of applying for EIN is quite simple, and many businesses prefer the method of applying online. You cannot save the information once you begin the process of applying EIN online. So it is better to complete the application before you go online. After completing the application, submit it, and after all the validated you will get EIN.

  1. Apply By Phone:

Another way to apply for EIN is through a phone call. The responsible person will assign you an EIN after getting all the needed information. You can get an EIN on the phone from Monday to Friday at 7:00 am to 10:00 pm (local time).

  1. Apply By Mail:

Complete your SS-4 form and mail it to the appropriate IRS office. You will get EIN within four weeks.

Another way of applying for EIN is through fax. Fax your SS-4 to the state fax number. You will obtain EIN within four business days.

Apply for tax id as the businesses need to be clear about their tax matters. You can get the help of your tax advisor as well if you are unclear about anything regarding application for EIN.

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