Are you an optimist? If your answer is a resounding yes, then, have you ever felt that at times you need to have a support system to comfort you and boost your confidence to confront any sort of hurdles? That’s where we need to be far-sighted.

Uncertainties and unanticipated events in our life are what make us vulnerable at times. But there are instances where people overcome all such mishaps like a full-fledged fighter! This is possible with the help of general insurance plans that support us financially against any mishaps in life!

To be honest, material possessions, to an extent drives our inner being. To mark off all desires from the bucket list is what we all yearn for. So how does it feel when things go astray and all hard earned belongings undergo destruction due to uncertainties. Not so good to digest, right? So that’s where the importance of general insurance comes into the picture. The insurance is well outlined by policies that clearly state what are included for claim in the near future and what are excluded.

If something uncertain happens, then you can raise a claim for the loss and the insurance company will assess the loss and make a payment on a valid claim.

Best SBI General Insurance plans is regarded as a company that offers one of the best general insurance policies. And amongst the myriads of policies they offer, SBI general health insurance policy is regarded as the best.

How to find the best SBI General Insurance Online?

  • Online Health Insurance Plans can be applied to by simply clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ tab shown against the relevant plan.

Check-list before buying the plan

  • Make a detailed list of your personal and family needs. Then choose the most appropriate plan accordingly.
  • All the factors like sum insured amount, claim ratio, policy tenure, need to be well considered. Compare all the benefits of various plans and choose wisely.
  • Keep all the required documents ready to be furnished. (ID proof, residential proof, medical certificate etc)

Now if you want any reassurance to the reasons for choosing SBI General Health Insurance, below mentioned are the bulletin points. Have a look!

  • Good Coverage options: SBI offers its customers attractive coverage options, where the prospective buyer gets to select a plan and a sum insured amount according to his/her needs and financial limitations.
  • Hassle free Claim Settlement
  • Online Transactions
  • Flexible and Comprehensive plans: SBI general insurance offers its customers a wide variety of plan options that make it flexible for the policyholders to choose plans according to their personal preferences and other criteria such as the city that they live in.
  • Added Benefits: One of the major features of SBI is its wide range of cover options. Few of the riders under the plan include ICU charges, ambulance fee, consultancy charges, operation theatre fee etc.
  • Complaint Redressal: Customers can lodge complaints either through the online or toll-free number with the help of Grievance Redressal Option.
  • The Company doesn’t ask for any pre-medical check for up to 45 years old individuals, only if there isn’t any previous health history.
  • The SBI Health Insurance plan’s family floater plan contains your spouse, parents and other family members under a single plan with a single premium.
  • Both pre- and post-hospitalization expenses are covered under the plan.
  • Renewal of health insurance policies other than SBI General is possible with SBI General Health insurance.
  • The coverage of the basic policy can be enhanced by adding additional covers such as top-up plan, removal of cap-on room rent or doctor’s fees.
  • The company has a large number of tie-ups with health care institutions; hence you can avail cashless treatment in almost 3000 network hospitals.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: The SBI Health Insurance Company have well-trained customer service teams that work on a 24/7 basis, who are keen to answer any doubts and claim queries and resolve issues regarding insurance.

Things to know about SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance is a joint venture between Insurance Australia Group and State Bank Of India where SBI has the share of 74% of total capital. The SBI General follows an efficient distribution system where its geographical coverage extends to 56 cities in India and a 350+ presence in other locations through satellite resources.

Some of the plans provided by the SBI general insurance policies are:

  • SBI General Travel Insurance
  • SBI General Home Insurance plan
  • SBI Rural Insurance Plan
  • SBI General Corporate Insurance Policy
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