The cost of having spray foam insulation in Vancouver may be a little intimidating for the average homeowner. Some homeowners might dismiss spray foam insulation when considering home insulation in Vancouver, not knowing the facts about this product, including the numerous benefits it provides. Note that spray foam outperforms other commonly used types of insulation by great margins. Furthermore, homeowners recoup the investment over the lifetime of the insulation.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Unlike other insulation options, spray foam provides an airtight seal for all spaces and cracks in your home. When compared to other types of insulation, spray foam has the highest R-Value (Resistance Value). It is popularly known for its capacity to provide a lasting airtight seal at an R-value of R-6 – the highest on the market.

  1. Saves Energy Bills

Spray foam has quickly gained popularity in the market for its powerful abilities to offer great energy saving properties. Both businesses and families that have transitioned to this insulation have been able to save a considerable amount of money through lower energy bills. The feature attributed to this property is that the insulation is 24 times less permeable to infiltration of air than its traditional counterparts. Most people considering home insulation in Vancouver choose spray foam insulation for the simple reason that it provides great energy savings, which translates to lower energy bills. The insulation has been proven to save homeowners more than 50 per cent on their yearly energy costs.

  1. Resistance To Mould

Since spray foam insulation in Vancouver is resistant to water, it effectively deters mould growth. In addition, it is made up of a polymer that ensures there is no food source for mould or bacteria to consume. Therefore, both homes and business establishments that choose spray foam effectively eliminate the likelihood of having bacteria or mould growth. As a result, cases of health complications or bad smells become rare.

  1. Moisture Barrier

Cracks and holes appearing in the walls of your home allow air and moisture into the house. Therefore, crevices and cracks should be protected and sealed adequately using proper insulation and filler. Thankfully, spray foam insulation in Vancouver  does a fantastic job by filling up the cracks. It additionally insulates the small cracks, including the crevices in your home. Its impermeability to moisture means it will stay intact in case of flooding.


  1. Eco-Friendly

If you’re passionate about seeking ‘green’ solutions, then you will gladly discover that spray foam is an eco-friendly type of insulation. Therefore, when it comes to environmental protection, spray foam has ripple effects due to the fact that it reduces energy consumption. Since the material is long-lasting, it reduces carbon footprint considerably over its lifetime.

Spray foam is highly recommended for any homeowner considering home insulation in Vancouver. Whether you plan to use the insulation for your crawlspace, basement walls, or attic, it will perform effectively in every aspect. Even so, you should find insulation contractors who are renowned in the region for providing quality and long-lasting insulation. If you want a phenomenal product that outshines other forms of insulation, you should definitely choose spray insulation for its numerous benefits.

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