If you have a home, you work in a commercial building or are in charge of a large industrial complex, you need to ensure that the indoor environment of that building is safe for all your family members, your employees, or anyone that might enter the building. And part of this could be through ensuring that the building is free from any hazardous materials. Even if you do not know how to do this, there are companies with professionals that can help you remove any hazardous materials from your building.

Abatement Services Offered in Edmonton

If you have a building that has or you suspect could contain hazardous materials in Edmonton, there are experts that can help you to eliminate the problem. They will follow industry-tested and approved procedures and practices when handling any hazardous material removal project. Whether you urgently need to handle any asbestos removal or mould remediation in Edmonton, these experts can assist you. They typically offer:

  1. Mould Removal and Remediation

If you suspect that there could be a mould problem either in your home or commercial space and you are looking for experts in mould removal in Edmonton, you just need to call the abatement experts from these companies and they will help. They will thoroughly inspect, and if the mould is found to be present, they will use specialized equipment to safely and effectively remove it. In addition, they are also known to provide topnotch mould remediation in Edmonton, which basically involves mould clean up and reconstruction of the damaged areas in order to prevent further contamination.

  1. Asbestos Removal and Abatement

In the past, asbestos was largely used in different building and construction materials because of its unique qualities, such as thermal and chemical resistance, sound absorption and high tensile strength. However, prolonged exposure has been proved to lead to asbestosis, lung cancer and even mesothelioma. Some good news is that the licensed contractors can provide you with very efficient and reliable asbestos removal while following all the applicable regulations and legislation. In cases where removal may not be appropriate, these professionals can provide very effective asbestos encapsulation or encasement.

  1. Lead Abatement

Because of its wide use in paint before the 1980s, lead is highly prevalent in the atmosphere today. However, the material is quite toxic and it can cause grave health risks, especially for people living in older buildings or those working in environments where they are exposed to it over longer periods of time. For instance, when ingested or inhaled, lead can cause nerve or brain damage, behavioural problems, learning disabilities and mental retardation, abdominal pains and digestive problems, sleep problems, anemia, cancer, joint pains, kidney failure, coma or even death if there is excessive exposure. If your building is one of those that could have lead-containing materials, you just need to call these professionals and they will perform comprehensive inspection, effective removal and safe disposal.

These contractors can also handle interior demolition and mercury removal, among many other hazardous material removal and remediation services. Their services are always prompt, professional, safe and environmentally-friendly. In case you need professional asbestos, lead, mercury or mould removal in Edmonton, these contractors should be your first point of contact.

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