Industrial paint is one of the highest revenue spinners in the whole of paint industry. From the common man’s perception, with the very first mention of paints, we have a tendency to think about wall paints. It is because exterior and interior walls paints which is also known as decorative paints always come in front of our in the form of television commercials or any other form of advertisement. However, there are some any other things like the car we drive, the cycle we buy for our kids – all are coated with paints. These paints fall under the category of industrial paints. There are lots of industrial paint supplier in India who deals with top industrial paint manufacturer companies.

Most of the paint manufacturer specializes in both decorative as well as industrial paints. Industrial paints are double as expensive as decorative paints. While the average price of decorative paints would be somewhere around Rs.110 -120, the same for industrial paint will not be penny less than Rs. 300. Let us see some of the major industrial paints manufacturers in India:

Kansai Nerolac

As per the industry reports, Kansai Nerolac is the market leader in industrial paints in India capturing 13.5% of the market share for painting industry in India. Nerolac is one of the oldest brands known to the Indians. They have the most comprehensive and exhaustive catalogue for industrial paints. Though a very well known brand for decorative paints, Nerolac’s real edge lies in their industrial paints that range from automotive paints, auto refinish paints, general and high performance coatings and powder coatings.

Hira Paints

A new kid on the block, Hira Paint is surely one of the fast movers in business when it comes to their deliverables and customer service. Incepted in the year 2015, they already have the best manufacturing unit and the widest network in the country. Thriving on excellence and a promise to deliver quality each time they receive an order has helped them to create a trust factor among their clientele. A relentless effort towards innovation and product development is the competitive edge that has helped them to spread their web in the market.

Shalimar Paints

Yet another brand that has a track record of being an integral part of the factories and marine sector is Shalimar Paints. With a very strong credibility in the market, Shalimar Paints stands second to none. This is one brand that needs no introduction to its consumers. Their products speak for themselves. It captures a market share of 13.1% in the paint industry in India. Their strength lies in protective coatings for machineries, product finishes, packaging and marine requirements. The coating that you see on your LPG cylinder and also the protective coating on the machineries are mostly supplied by Shalimar paints.

Pidilite Limited

Pidilite Limited caters to the housing and industrial sector alike. Unarguably, they have the best of the technology, infrastructure and team to take the company to the highest vistas of success. Their product offerings range from paints for art and craft to adhesives, polymers, construction chemicals, water proofing solutions, sealants etc. The strength lies in the wide network they have developed. Consistent service and excellent product quality have helped them to carve a niche in the market.

Akzo Nobel India Ltd

Akzo Nobel India Ltd is a name deeply associated with epoxy, coating, power polymers, rust preventive, automotive and marine coatings. Continual and consistent services and excellent product delivery has given Akzo Nobel its winning edge. An extremely competent and veteran player in the industry, it is a brand that needs no introduction. The brand caters to the housing as well as the industrial sector.

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