Have you ever thought about the extraordinary journey of women who have broken down boundaries and reshaped the business environment over the last two decades? The growth of powerful and inspiring female entrepreneurs has created multimillion-dollar sectors, challenging established gender norms and paving the path for a more inclusive workforce. As Women’s Day approaches, now is the moment to recognize and celebrate women’s extraordinary achievements in business. In this blog article, we’ll look at the inspiring biographies of 10 best women entrepreneurs

  1. Deepshikha Kumar

The founder of SpeakIn has redefined the speaking industry by connecting expert speakers with organisations seeking knowledge and inspiration. With her visionary leadership, SpeakIn has become a go-to platform for industry experts, thought leaders, and organisations looking for insightful speakers. She is also the winner of the 2017 Asia Women Icon Award for Entrepreneurship, and she collaborates with speakers, industry professionals, and thought leaders throughout the world.

  1. Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla, an artist and creative entrepreneur, is the inspiration behind Svatantra Microfin, an organisation that is transforming the banking sector. Birla’s journey exemplifies her dedication to promoting economic independence among rural women through financial inclusion. She delivers specialised financial services through Svatantra Microfin, enabling women to develop long-term livelihoods. Ananya is also India’s best-selling English-language worldwide popstar, with over 500 million streams.

  1. Chetna Sinha

Chetna Sinha, Founder-Chairperson Mann Deshi Bank and Mann Deshi Foundation. She dedicated her career to bridging financial gaps in rural India. Her bank focuses on empowering women engaged in agriculture and small businesses, providing them with financial tools and support.

Chetna Gala Sinha has received the Nari Shakti Puraskar, India’s highest civilian honour for women working in the field of women’s empowerment. She has also served as the Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum in Davos (2018), Switzerland, and the Co-Chair of Financial Inclusion at the W20 Summit (2018) in Argentina.

  1. Riti Kapoor Chopra

Riti Kapoor Chopra, a trainer, founder and speaker, launched The Chopra Foundation to improve educational standards in India. Today She is enhancing the lives of many with her profound experience in soft skills, behavioural skills, and more  For more than 12 years, she provided knowledge to over 1,000,000 people through 12,000 platform hours across various hierarchical levels, which has only been accomplished due to her unwavering optimism.

she is enhancing the lives of many with her profound experience in soft skills, behavioural skills, and more

  1. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder of Biocon Limited, has played a pivotal role in putting India on the global biotechnology map. Her entrepreneurial journey began with a vision to make healthcare more accessible, and Biocon has since become a leading biopharmaceutical company, making strides in research and innovation.

  1. Jael Chng

Jael Chng, a senior management specialist at My Working Title, has helped individuals advance their careers through their career plans. Her creative-analytic approach combines creativity and pragmatism to drive long-term beneficial transformation. Jael’s dedication to creating a positive work atmosphere has made her a notable figure in the field of business. Jael also holds a B. Bus. (Hons) in Business Studies (Marketing Specialisation) from Nanyang Technological University.

  1. Kashmira Mody

Kashmira began her career as a Leadership Coach in 2006, when she launched Essence Consultancy with the goal of introducing world-class leadership practices to Indian executives via compassionate, one-on-one talks that would transform them and their companies. Over a decade and 500+ customers later, the playing field has altered several times, and she feels like she’s only getting started each year.

She has attracted and served clients from all over the world using technology and social media platforms. Karishma’s India-based vision has to grow and evolve. She now refers to her practice as Transformation Coaching, which is a process of self-discovery and growth that aims to clarify and match who you are with your work.

  1. Shweta Shalini

Shweta Shalini has made a mark as a successful entrepreneur, official Spokesperson and advisor to the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. As a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, she is pioneering political leadership, breaking stereotypes, and proving that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated fields. She is one of the most visible public figure with wide range of skill sets for the party, courtesy of her corporate and entrepreneurial background

  1. Reena Kotecha

Reena Kotecha is a respected medical expert with degrees in medicine and neuroscience from Imperial College London. With a background as a hospital doctor in the NHS (UK), she set out on a mission to improve well-being. Dr. Kotecha created Mindful Medics in 2016, after receiving Mindfulness Meditation training from the British Mindfulness Institute and becoming a certified Google ‘Search Inside Yourself’ teacher. This evidence-based well-being initiative aims to improve mental health for healthcare personnel worldwide. She is a highly sought-after public speaker who offers her knowledge at worldwide conferences and serves on Headspace Health’s worldwide Advisory Board.

  1. Falguni Nayar

The founder of Nykaa has revolutionised India’s beauty and cosmetics business. Nykaa, an e-commerce portal, provides a diverse selection of beauty and wellness items, making it a one-stop shop for beauty lovers. Nayar’s business skills have not only altered the beauty retail market but have also encouraged women to embrace their individuality.


The entrepreneurial journey of these ten remarkable women serves as an inspiration to aspiring business leaders around the world. From reshaping industries to fostering innovation and empowering communities, these women entrepreneurs have demonstrated the transformative power of vision, perseverance, and dedication.  By inviting any of these Expert speakers & entrepreneurs to your Women’s Day celebration 2024, you have the invaluable opportunity to learn from their experiences, gaining insights into the challenges they’ve overcome and the lessons they’ve acquired along their path to success.

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