Most people identify job recruiters solely with those who are at the very beginning of their careers and seeking professional employment guidance for the first time. This juncture in one’s career may be the most important time to hire a recruiting company, but it is far from the only time that they should be consulted.

1) Complex Hiring Process

The main reason that legal recruiters exist is because the hiring process is more complex for lawyers than in almost any other industry. This means that it takes a special kind of expertise to simply navigate the legal job pool and each stage of the application process. As any lawyer’s career develops, this process only becomes all the more difficult. Any extra help that can prepare a potential candidate for an advanced position only increases in importance.

2) Experts that Specialize in Mid- to Late Career Moves

Legal headhunters are experts in everything about the legal job market. If you’re a seasoned lawyer that’s had a successful career at one firm but have decided to make a change for any reason, then you can get a leg up from an executive recruiting firm that specializes in just this kind of mid-career move.

3) Informed Career Direction

The best legal recruiters aren’t just people who understand the hiring process inside and out, they are lawyers themselves who usually made the same kind of late career transition. Legal headhunters are able to give you an informed, yet unbiased opinion on the skills you’ve developed in your career to this point and point you towards opportunities that you didn’t even consider.

4) Making New Networking Connections

In the early stages of their career, new lawyers tend to devote an enormous amount of time to building a strong network that can carry them through for many years. While practicing lawyers continue to develop connections as they work, these tend to occur more organically, rather than with the guidance of specific purposes. The result is that a lawyer’s network later in their career usually has more to do with building clients than seeking out new career opportunities.

A legal recruiter that specializes in executive positions for seasoned lawyers spends a large part of their time developing just the kind of network that you need at this time. By simply hiring this expert help, you immediately fast track your network and skip a large part of the process.

5) Inside Connection

No matter whether they’re helping new or advanced lawyers get hired at the firm of their dreams, legal recruiters will give you an advantage in the application process. That’s because recruiters work one-on-one with firms to connect the right candidates with the best executive positions.

While there are many compelling reasons why recruiters can help mid-career lawyers, none is probably as important as the advantage they receive in the hiring process. This factor may be even more useful now than it was at the time when you career was just beginning. Don’t forget that if you aren’t getting that advantage than you competition may have it. Contact a legal recruiter today.

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