Looking for an electrical contractor in Ancaster can be quite overwhelming, especially when you think of all the things that could go wrong with an unqualified and inexperienced contractor.

As a homeowner, it is guaranteed that you will need the services of an electrician at least once in your life. Regardless of the electrical project, you want to ensure that you pick the best Ancaster electricians for a successful project. But how can you know which electrician to choose from to avoid hiring a scammer and getting ripped off? Below we present you with guaranteed tips to help you through your research process.

Here is the ultimate guide to finding a good electrician.

Where to Find a Good Electrician

There are several ways in which you can find a good electrical contractor in Ancaster. You can look for an electrical contractor through classifieds, magazines, newspapers, and the internet, or by asking for recommendations.

Asking your friends, workmates or relatives for suggestions on electricians they have worked with before is the best way of finding good Ancaster electricians. However, if you don’t get any recommendations, the internet will certainly provide you with a list of all the electrical contractors in your area that could be of service to you. You can then make a list of all the contractors and use the following qualities to shortlist them.

  1. License

This cannot be emphasized enough. It is important that your electrical contractor is licensed, bonded and insured before you can think of hiring them to do an electrical job. A license is your guarantee that the electrical contractor you choose has gone through the relevant training and possesses the right skills you need to get the job done. There are two types of licenses issued to electricians: a master electrician license and a journeyman license. Both the journeyman licensed electricians and master licensed electricians have relevant electrical training, the right skills and experience to perform electrical work. However, the latter has not completed an apprenticeship which means they cannot work without supervision.

  1. Insurance

It is always important to ensure that when you are attempting to hire Ancaster electricians, you ensure they are insured and that their insurance policy covers any damages that may be caused while they are working, as well as any casualties that may occur. Not only does this protect you from incurring unnecessary costs, but it also gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

  1. Reputation and References

Finding an experienced, licensed, insured and certified electrician is crucial, and you should also find out how the electrical contractor in Ancaster you are thinking of hiring is perceived by previous clients. Ask to see a list of their previous clients and contact a few just to get a feel of how they relate with their customers, and how they felt about the end result. A professional attitude, appearance, good reputation and high customer satisfaction is definitely something you want your contractors to possess.

  1. Time and Cost

Get a quote from at least 3 Ancaster electricians  you are vetting. Ensure the quote is all-inclusive and that there are no hidden costs that will crop up later. In the same fashion, be sure to ask them for an estimate on the time they think they can complete the work in.


By taking the above factors into consideration, you can be guaranteed to not only get the best electrical contractor in Ancaster, but also get value for your money.

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