You don’t need to read a newspaper for very long to find a story about yet another security breach suffered by seemingly impenetrable victims — perhaps a multinational corporation or even prominent political parties.

It’s tempting to think that fraudsters don’t go after smaller targets, but actually small- and medium-sized business can be an attractive victim to them, because they have a much smaller budget for security.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to protect your home or your business; the safest way to make sure your sensitive material stays confidential is by hiring professional shredders. Here are the ways that they can protect your confidential information today.

Destroying Old Papers

Who doesn’t have an old buildup of papers, acquired over the years? It could be everything from bank records, tax forms, business contracts or something else. So long as it is information you no longer need, and would never want to fall into the wrong hands, the safest course of action is to have it shredded completely.

You can check this out to see how the best professional shredders make this not just possible, but convenient — look for a company that has a mobile shredding van, that can do the shredding securely and right in your driveway. For higher volumes that need to be shredded, the company should still come to you, but they will bring the paper to be destroyed to their facility in a secure truck.

Shredding Electronic Data

While every home and office is likely to still have sensitive information in paper form, it’s more common today to store information on an electronic device. If you have information on such a device you want destroyed, it’s not as simple as just throwing it into the garbage.

It’s essential that the data on the device cannot possibly be retrieved, which is the kind of guarantee that only a professional shredder provides. There is a long list of electronic devices they can destroy to this extent, some of which may not pop into mind right away when you think about potential data liabilities: hard drives, flash and USB drives, back-up tapes and drives, laptop and tablets, cell phones, photocopier and printer memory cards, data tapes, and more.

After the job is complete, the professional shredders will offer you a certificate of completion, to testify that everything you’ve given them to shred no longer poses any liability of a data breach.

Environmental Commitment

Finally, the best pro shredders ensure that everything given to them to destroy gets recycled as much possible, including electronics which contain components which may need to be recycled in different final locations.

If a business rival or someone bent on identity theft gets their hands on your sensitive information, the consequences can be financially and psychologically devastating. Keep your home and yourself protected today, by calling a professional shredder to make sure your sensitive information gets safely destroyed before it’s too late.

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