Finding a suitable metal fabrication company that is capable of matching your specific project needs can be somewhat challenging, especially if you consider the dizzying number of providers on the market. However, when seeking steel fabricators, you can actually ask a few questions to help you determine which the best steel fabrication shop is.

Does the metal fabrication company have the capacity to meet your project’s needs?

When it comes to selecting the right steel fabricators, you should ask whether the potential fabricators have the capacity to meet your needs and requirements. When you shop around, you are bound to discover that there are many businesses that specialize in metal fabrication. While some specialize in handling the needs of just one industry, others focus on offering a broad range of services and products.

If the project you are currently handling is complex in nature or has a low tolerance for errors, then you should find a fabricator that specifically focuses on precision fabrication. You want to consider dealing with the fabrication shops or companies that are renowned for fabricating quality metal products for medical and health projects. Note that the metal fabrication in Edmonton needs for these particular industries require that fabricators meet strict requirements. Therefore, if your prospective fabricators serve these industries, you can be sure that they will have the experience and skills needed to deliver high precision work.

What services do they handle in-house?

It can be frustrating to enlist the services of fabricators only to discover that the services you requested are mostly outsourced from other providers. The unfortunate truth is that quite a good number of fabricators actually outsource some of the design and finishing steps of the fabrication process.

Before you choose a preferred metal fabrication company, it is important that you inquire about the services offered and whether the provider outsources any of the steps of the process. Does the staff handle the fabricating and building steps? What is the level of experience of staff, especially with regard to the field of fabrication?

It is also helpful to ask about the level of support they provide during the design and fabrication process. Ideally, the company should allow you to work closely with their engineers to modify any design changes if necessary.

What is included in the project bid?

It is not uncommon to get several bids from steel fabricators while shopping for the most reliable one. Even so, you should realize that not all supplied bids have the same information. As you compare several bids from potential fabricators in your region, make sure everything is clarified so that you understand what is included in each proposal.

Here are some important things to check for in terms of bids:

  • The services performed by the fabricator
  • An estimated time frame indicating the period of time the project will take
  • Material cost
  • Whether modifications of your project requests are included
  • Who has the responsibility of sourcing the needed materials

It is additionally helpful to ask the prospective steel fabricators in  Edmonton if their bids are padded. Most proposals include padding that essentially accounts for any issues that might arise during the execution of the project.

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