In case you are involved in any operations in the oil and gas industry, you will definitely need quality oilfield services and specialized equipment that will help in ensuring that all your operations run seamlessly and efficiently. However, you should always try and source these services and equipment from reputable companies. Fortunately, there are fully equipped contractors that are well-known for providing great services and equipment that are necessary for oilfield operations.

Oilfield Services and Rental Equipment in Edson

If you are looking for a company that offers great oilfield services or equipment in Edson, you will find reputable companies that have specialized in these things. They have different types of well-maintained trucks and equipment that can be used in a range of applications. Whether you need expert water well drilling, steam trucks or any type of rental equipment in Edson, these companies can offer you whatever you need for your project. For instance, they can provide you with:

  1. Water Well Drilling

These companies have specialized in providing topnotch water well drilling services for industrial, domestic and commercial clients. Their services are particularly known for supporting oil and gas companies, underground water and coal exploration, as well as environmental companies. They have teams of qualified professionals that normally use superior equipment to drill wells of different depths and sizes. In addition, they also offer many other related products like water meters, pumps, fittings, as well as hoses, among other things.

  1. Steam Trucks

These companies also have large fleets of high performance steam trucks that will ensure thermal efficiency at your work site. Their steam trucks are an integral part of drilling, production, as well as maintenance and turnaround projects, as they normally help in preventing the challenges of freezing or stoppage of work, especially during the extremely cold months. In addition, their steam trucks may also be used for different on-site cleaning projects, as well as managing of hydrates.

  1. Water Trucks

These companies also have water trucks of different sizes and configurations that will fit your specific application. Their trucks have been designed to allow for safe, quick and easy transportation of water to worksites that need huge amounts of water for compaction, dust control, hydration, fire prevention, human consumption and many other applications. Moreover, these trucks have spray nozzles that have been designed with a unique pumping mechanism that allows for easier removal of water from the tanks.

  1. Oilfield Rental Equipment

These companies are also dedicated to providing some of the best oilfield rental equipment that will suit your unique needs and make your oilfield operations much easier to handle. They can supply you with different types of specialized, premium and conventional rental equipment for offshore and onshore operations.

These include:

  1. a) Heavy weight drill stem
  2. b) Pipe racks
  3. c) Grated steps
  4. d) Flare stacks
  5. e) Fire extinguishers
  6. f) Tanks
  7. g) Mini vacs
  8. h) Geo shacks
  9. i) Light towers
  10. j) Genie manlifts
  11. k) Scissor lifts
  12. l) Diesel wash guns
  13. m) Water well pumps
  14. n) Rig matting

They can also offer you construction equipment, vacuum trucks, gravel trucks, as well as winch or bed trucks. Their powerful trucks and equipment are always maintained in the best working order, hence you are guaranteed of getting the best services anytime you need them. Whether you are in need of water well drilling, or any other oilfield services in Edson, these companies can assist you.

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