If you are involved in any oilfield operations, you are bound to require specialized equipment and services that are necessary for successful completion of your project. For instance, you might need coiled tubing for drilling, logging and perforating, among many other tasks. You could also need water heater trailers, spooling trailers, flush by and nitrogen services, among many other types of equipment and services.

Oilfield Equipment and Services Offered in Alberta

In case you are looking for the best oilfield equipment or related services in Alberta or the surrounding areas, you will definitely find companies that are capable of offering you the best. They are equipped with top-of-the-line oilfield equipment designed to handle even the most complex tasks. Whether you need a good quality coil pipe or any coiled tubing equipment in Alberta, you can count on these companies to meet your needs. For instance, they can provide you with:

  1. Coiled Tubing Services

If you need the best coiled tubing equipment in Alberta, these companies can reliably assist you. They are known for providing superior coiled tubing services for well intervention and even well completion programs in Alberta and across Canada. Whether you are handling onshore or offshore oil drilling operations, these companies have the most advanced coiled tubing, as well as pumping equipment that will meet the specific needs of your project.

  1. Flushby Services

In the course of your operations, oil wells may become clogged because of the solids that are trapped below. Moreover, rods may actually break because of various environmental factors. All these things could severely reduce the quality of your production, slowing or bringing your projects to a halt. If you are at such a point, the experts can provide you with unparalleled flushby services that involve the flushing away of the debris that is embedded within your wells and careful repairing of the rods in order to improve the well production.

  1. Spooling Trailers

These companies also have great quality spooling trailers that are ideal for hauling huge amounts of polyethylene pipes with much ease. Their spool trailers are equipped with powerful motors that help with the loading or unloading of these pipes. Their heavy-duty spool trailers are normally equipped with two axles, enabling them to handle the full weight of these pipes. Moreover, they can carry very long pipes with ease.


  1. Well Abandonment

Once you have completed your oilfield operations in an area or a well you drilled is no longer productive, you will definitely abandon it and move on to the next. However, when doing this you must follow the appropriate procedures that will ensure that those wells do not result in environmental degradation or pollution of the underground water sources. Fortunately, these experts have the right equipment and know-how to help you with the well abandonment process.

These companies can also provide you with pipeline cleanouts, PCP deployment and retrieval, E-coil perforating and logging services, acidizing and drillouts. Other services include sleeve shifting, multistage perforating, as well as nitrogen services, among many other services. Whether you need a good quality coil pipe or coiled tubing equipment in Alberta, these companies can offer you whatever you need for your oil or gas drilling operations.

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