All too often we encounter the loss of a package we’ve been waiting on for weeks. Damages may occur during transport of parcel every now and then. Theft is on the rise of packages from people’s homes. There are designated areas to provide consumers the comfort of know the arrival of their delivered goods is safe. Some of these s provide site to store delivery options for people who shop online quite often. Technology has allowed the usage of locker systems to make it a smooth and quick way of keep your packages secure.

The rise of online shopping has propelled parcel sales to grow in the billions in the last few years. This also means the rise of theft, computer errors and damaged packages due to the flow of rushed orders. A solution to this has been package locker systems which are electronic and 24-hour self-service. They are insulated very well to keep online grocery purchases, or anything else that may melt, cool until the customer picks it up. This speaks volumes to how well your food stays fresh after it is stored in a locker. The latest high-tech systems are used to provide the safest way to keep your purchases from thieves. Codes are assigned to the recipient via text message giving them specific location and door of their parcel. Because of the option to have customized, color and size difference can attract people to it. They will naturally become curious and eventually make usage of these for themselves in the future.

The self-service locker system was originated in 2011. Customers were able to select a location of their parcel and a unique would be sent to them to open and retrieve it at their leisure. The complaints of so many missing or stolen packages drove gave them the initiative to do something that would keep their customers happy and solve the problem. Retail stores were partners to this locker program for customer to pick up their parcel when the program first launched. With the acquisition of a grocery store and other companies worldwide, the expansion of lockers systems has grown tremendously. Lockers were available to over 2000 cities in 2017.

Trusting your local parcel service to deliver your items to you can be risky but if it does arrive, you have to possibly deal with the packaging not being as promised. The lockers are an amazing way the safety of your items get to your when you desire. You do not have to worry about someone coming onto your property stealing what you have paid good money for. Even if you’re able to see them on camera, there’s no guarantee they will be caught or that your packages will be returned back to you the way it was delivered. Search your area for the best options to have your deliveries sent to give you comfort you deserve.

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