When you’re shopping for a commercial freezer unit, you need to ask questions. What will the freezer be for and what capacity do I need? What’s my maximum budget and how can I keep my ongoing costs to a minimum? Will noise be a concern and how much usage do I need from my freezer?

Once you’re clear on the answers to those questions and you’ve worked out the capacity you need – always look for net capacity as an indication of what your freezer will actually store – you’re ready to buy. So how do you choose the right freezer for your application?

1. Choose cabinets for easy access

If you need to be able to pick ingredients off the shelf quickly and easily you need a cabinet freezer. Freestanding or under shelf, this type of freezer is extremely cost-effective for the professional kitchen.

Available in a range of sizes, capacities and shelving configurations, cabinet freezers are ideal when space can be tight and every second is precious. Glass fronted display units are also a smart choice when you need to see what’s available at a glance.

2. Display cabinets to maximise profits

If you want to maximise profits with a low maintenance, quiet and incredibly reliable freezer, then a display freezer unit is the right choice for your shop or takeaway.

Ideal for everything from pizzas to single serve ice creams, display units are the epitome of grab and go shopping. Choosing a reliable brand from a company such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration/single-glass-door-freezers minimises maintenance so you get the most out of your freezer.

3. Prep counters to reduce waste

A frozen prep counter is the ideal choice if you need to keep things chilled during preparation so food doesn’t spoil and go to waste. This type of counter is useful in short order cafes and commercial kitchens churning out thousands of portions. Look for options like chilled drawers to maximise the versatility.

4. Blast freezing for hygiene

If you need to preserve the natural quality of food when processing, you need a blast chiller. Extremely energy efficient, these freezers take the temperature down so rapidly that ice crystals don’t have the opportunity to form and bacteria are eliminated.

Blast chillers are the smart choice when you need to drive down energy usage and reduce your costs.


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