If you own or drive an emergency vehicle, then you need to ensure that it is installed with the right telecommunications and other types of equipment to help boost communication, efficiency and safety when using the vehicle. If you need the right systems and equipment for your vehicle, you will find certain companies that usually sell, rent out and even service different types of equipment for use in emergency vehicles.

Emergency Vehicle Equipment and Systems in Edmonton

If you need the right communication and safety equipment for your emergency vehicle in Edmonton, you will find leading suppliers. These companies have equipment for police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances, among others. In addition, they also offer professional installation, repair and maintenance of these systems. If you are looking for suppliers of the best PA systems or AFRRCS in Edmonton, these companies will help. They offer:

  1. AFRRCS in Edmonton

These experts are renowned for supplying some of the best first responder communication systems, or AFRRCS, which are 3-way radio network-supporting responders. Although transition to the AFRRCS might be a challenging undertaking, these professionals can guide you through each step of the process. They normally install, commission, and offer ongoing technical support to all of their clients.

  1. PA systems in Edmonton

These companies also have very advanced and high performance public address systems that are suitable for different commercial and industrial applications. Their systems are designed to produce high-quality sound that will not disturb or damage the hearers’ eardrums. They are also easy to assemble, easy to use and even dismantle. Whether you want to purchase a good quality PA system or want to hire one for a one-off event, they can offer you the best.

  1. Emergency and Police Vehicle Lights

Warning or emergency lights are extremely critical, not only for your safety but also the safety of the people around and other road users. This is because they normally alert them of the urgency and warn them of potential hazards as they use the road. Whether you have fleets of ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles or any motorized vehicle, these experts can offer you siren speakers, light controllers and light bars that will help to keep all members of your team safe when working. 

  1. On-Site Equipment Servicing and Repairs

These experts also offer very reliable emergency vehicle equipment repair services to reduce or eliminate any unnecessary downtime. They have mobile fleets of service vehicles that they normally use to access even remote sites for on-site repair. They normally offer:

a.On-site training

b.On-site installations

c.On-site technical services

d.On-site repairs

e.On-site decommissioning

They have well-trained, certified and experienced technicians that can handle any technical aspect of your equipment.

Other supplies and equipment that are usually offered by these companies include vehicle mounting, police vehicle push-bumpers and partitions, in-vehicle video, police gear, body worn video, back-up cameras and alarms, as well as speed radar enforcement equipment, among many other things. They have everything you could need for your emergency operations. Whether you are shopping around for the best AFRRCS in Edmonton, or are looking out for suppliers of great quality PA systems in Edmonton, these companies can assist you.

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