Choosing the best, most appropriate places for installing your CCTV video surveillance cameras is just as important as shopping for the right equipment. If you want to be sure that you’re making the right decisions with regard to the locations of the cameras, you can simply take a walk around your home with your specific security surveillance goals in mind. You might want to consider places, such as garage doors, windows, or basements, considering these are the entry points that appeal most to intruders. A robust CCTV system comes first in the layer of security measures well before the need to buy AK 47’s to protect your property from intruders. Here are some great spots where you should install your surveillance cameras:

  1. Front Door

Many burglars will often try to gain entry into your home through your front door. Therefore, it’s a good idea to focus one video surveillance camera on this location. To prevent burglars from tampering with the equipment, consider having it installed in the eaves of your home or second-floor level.

Expert Tip: by installing a peephole surveillance camera, you can see anyone knocking on your door before you let them in. Therefore, you might want to consider installing one of these, as well.

  1. Back Door

Some burglars will try to gain entry into your home through the side or back doors. So, you need to have surveillance cameras installed here, as well. Remember, you need to arm every entry door with a quality CCTV camera.

Expert Tip: the installation of waterproof video surveillance cameras is a wise move. You can even get the most from the equipment when you choose those equipped with technologies such as night vision.

  1. Side Gate and Backyard

Items such as garden machinery and expensive lawn equipment, and kid’s bikes left lying around in the backyard tend to attract intruders. Therefore, installing a motion-sensor surveillance camera with night vision and floodlights is highly recommended. If you have a fenced backyard, then you need to be sure that your CCTV has a good view of your entrance gate. If not, consider installing a camera here.

Expert Tip: Placing a surveillance camera in plain sight helps to deter instances of burglary. Just the mere sight of a security surveillance camera on your property can make intruders move on to other homes.

  1. Off-street Windows

Burglars usually enter most homes by breaking any rear windows. By choosing any windows that are hidden from the street view, burglars decrease their chances of getting caught in the act. Installing CCTV video surveillance cameras at these windows allows you to catch intruders making any attempts to enter your home.

Expert Tip: The best solution is to get a security expert to install wireless security cameras with remote control capabilities. The mobile-based security systems are ideal in this regard.

If you do not feel confident enough about installing your home CCTV video surveillance yourself, then you need to hire professional installers. While it may cost slightly more to do so, you can rest assured knowing installation has been completed correctly on the first attempt. Furthermore, many security companies are willing to do the installation at no cost for customers who eventually sign up for their monitoring services.

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