How Consumer Journey Analysis Benefits Organizations

What is a Consumer Journey? A consumer journey, also known as customer journey mapping, is a tool used to tell the story of the customer experience. It is a process by which an organization gathers data on their users, and then formulates a map using this information, in an attempt to read and properly analyze the data in question. This consumer journey allows an organization to better understand their customers and how to properly serve them by explicitly showing how customers currently experience their organization. By analyzing this data in a thoughtful way, organizations can determine how this process can be further improved upon. Types of Consumer Mapping Depending on what the organization is trying to glean from this information, a consumer journey may detail only a particular piece of the whole story, or it may offer an overview of the entire consumer experience. In any case, these mapping tools are useful in identifying the ways in which the customer interacts with an organization. Details, such as a consumer’s feelings, motivations, or questions, can be analyzed using this technique. This allows an organization to better understand their customer, offering the company the opportunity to analyze the motivation and expectations of the average consumer. Teaching organizations about their customers ultimately improves the overall customer experience. By understanding exactly what the average consumer wants and expects, organizations can see precisely where their strengths lie, and what aspects of the company need to be refined.

Professionals Who Benefit from Consumer Journey Mapping There are numerous individuals who benefit greatly from the analysis of consumer journeys, including marketing professionals, designers, writers, and managers. Consumer mapping gives working professionals the seemingly rare opportunity of reading their customer’s minds. There is seemingly no limit to the ways in which these mapping techniques can benefit an organization; they offer a way in which to gain a clear picture of what is working, and what needs work, within any given company. If your customers are pleased, you can begin to understand why and what is working in your favor. If your consumers are dissatisfied, then at least your company may be offered the opportunity to improve upon the existing issues before they become a larger problem and threaten to destroy your organization. By understanding the consumer journey, you are enabling yourself to figuratively put yourself into the shoes of your customers to see what can be improved upon and what can be done to further enhance the consumer experience. The Customer is Always Right It is an old saying, but consumer journey mapping puts the customer first and foremost in the minds of an organization. When it comes down to it, the customer is always right, and any company has a lot to learn from its customers. Tracking these journeys forces an organization to look at the ways in which a consumer interacts with an organization, considering the needs, feelings, and questions of the customer. If a company can better understand their average customer’s needs, it will become a whole lot easier to ensure that each customer has a positive experience in dealing with your organization as a whole.

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