Digital marketing has come a long way since the Internet went mainstream back in the late 90s, but many core marketing principals remain. That said, it’s always good to brush up on the latest trends, techniques, and tricks. Let’s look at five digital marketing techniques you can use to promote your business online in 2018, and beyond.

On Page SEO vs Writing Quality

Keyword stuffing is dead and has been for years. These days it pays to write blog posts, landing pages, and other online marketing materials with the reader in mind, not the search engine. However, you should still research and focus on core keywords that you would like to target for SEO. Search engines like Google are much more advanced these days. If your reader can figure out what you’re talking about, chances are Google can too.

Local SEO is Powerful for Offline Businesses

If you run an offline business, it pays to hire a digital marketing agency that understands your area. For example, if you have a brick and mortar business located in Austin TX, you’d be doing yourself a favor in contacting an Austin Digital Marketing Agency to help promote your business online. This also applies if you’re running a purely online business that needs to target specific cities and areas.

Give Before You Receive

Let’s face it, there is a ton of free info on the Internet that you used to be able to charge big bucks for. People have developed a mentality where they expect you to make the first move and give them something of value before they even consider doing business with you. Take the time to think about what kinds of freebies you can give your potential customers without “giving away the store” so to speak.

Using Social Media the Right Way

Social media is not a marketing tool in the traditional sense. Instead it is more of a branding tool, allowing you to interact with your customers, and develop a relationship with them. Sure, there is no harm in pitching an offer on Twitter or Instagram every now and again but keep it social to keep people coming back and consuming your content. If you get too salesy, you’ll spoil the fun, and run off your core audience.

Email Is Still Powerful

Email has taken a backseat as a form of communication ever since the rise of messaging services became more popular. Even so, email is still a very powerful marketing tool, you just must know how to approach it. These days people don’t want an email from you unless you’re offering value. Helpful information, and other free content is a good start. Once you gain your audience’s trust, you can begin pitching things like discounts, and limited time special offers. Don’t underestimate just how powerful email can be for back-end sales.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Doing all your digital marketing in-house is tough. It’s time consuming, and you will likely end up spending a lot more capital paying people who may not be qualified for the tasks you assign them. A great alternative is to hire a digital marketing agency. You’ll save money, and optimize your online marketing efforts, helping you boost your revenue, and grow your business.

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