The State of California requires that all contractors who intend to perform contracting work in the state be licensed. While licensing requirements vary depending on what sort of contracting work is planned, there are basic requirements for licensure that apply to everyone.

Generally speaking, an applicant must meet the following requirements before they can apply for a contractor’s license with the State of California:

Pass a Trade Exam

First and foremost, all contractors in California must pass a trade exam administered by the Contractor Licensing Board. This test is designed to ensure that all contractors are qualified to do the job they are seeking licensure for.

Having The Required Insurance

Next, contractors must have insurance. The types and levels of insurance coverage vary depending on the license classification. Generally speaking, however, contractors must have liability insurance to cover any damages caused during their work.

Being of Good Moral Character

The California Contractor licensing requirements demand that contractors be of good moral character. This means they must have a clean criminal record and be in good standing with the state licensing board. To qualify for licensing, the contractors cannot have any felonies within the last five years. This requirement is not unique to California. Many other states require that contractors are of good moral character as well.

Completing Certain Training Requirements

To be eligible for licensing, contractors must complete certain training requirements. These requirements vary depending on the license classification but may include safety training, contractor business practices training, etc.

Meeting these requirements is necessary to become a licensed contractor in California. If you do not meet one or more of these, you may still work as a contractor but would not be able to hold yourself out as being licensed. Each requirement is important and helps ensure that only qualified contractors work in the state.

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