If you run a manufacturing plant, you spend a lot of energy turning your raw materials into your signature products. However, your job doesn’t end once your products are ready to leave your warehouse. To ensure that your customers get the highest-quality items, follow these three guidelines for storing, packaging, and shipping your merchandise.

  1. Packaging Your Products

Your items need to be safe on their way to a distribution center and, eventually, your clients. They also need to be clearly marked with any shipping concerns. Choose a packaging method that is secure, cost-effective, and on-brand. For instance, if you pride yourself on your factory’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes, shipping your finished items in styrofoam or plastic does not fit your ideals. Finally, add your logo to the exterior to raise brand awareness and decrease the likelihood that your products will get lost.

  1. Storing Your Goods

If you don’t send your products directly to your retailers, find reputable distribution facilities Morehead KY so that they’re safe in the meantime. Make sure that your storage facilities have refrigeration for perishable items and that all light-sensitive products are stored away from light sources.

  1. Shipping Your Items

When it’s time for your products to leave storage and head to your clients, your transportation team is vital. Whether you use vans, planes, trains, boats, or a combination to move your items, make sure that your team understands your new distribution center’s policies. Provide them with refrigerated trucks if necessary, and alert them if their cargo is hazardous. For example, if you manufacture cleaning chemicals, your transportation team needs to be more cautious than if you make reusable dinner dishes.

Follow these tips to make sure that your products are clean, usable, and ready to help your customers when they arrive at your retailers.

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