There is a great increase in the desire to keep employees healthy. Studies have shown that helping an employee stay healthy decreases the cost to the employer, in less lost time by employees and in more contentment and happiness meaning a better job performed by that employee. There are many different ways to help employees make the most of their health.

Workplace Programs

These workplace wellness programs work to keep an employee happy at work with fitness programs, healthy living habits, healthy foods, and even health clinics at the place of employment. These programs vary in what they offer, but most large companies have different things offered. These programs even have some federal guidelines. Most of the guidelines prohibit discriminating on any of several issues, such as health condition, age, genetics, and disability.

Healthy Eating

Some companies control what is included in their vending machines, making sure they are stocked with such things as fruits, cheeses, and low-fat dairy products. Some even have cafeterias that are catered by companies that focus on providing healthy foods at a reasonable price.

Gyms and Fitness Programs

Some companies provide gyms and exercise rooms for their employees, believing in the studies that say staying active helps a person perform better and have a better attitude. There are even companies that come to workplaces and give fitness instruction and guidance to the company’s employees. They are trained to get people involved in their activities as well as guiding them to pursue to the best of their physical ability.

Programs with a Social Aspect

Some companies offer a social aspect to their fitness programs. Having a social aspect means the employees get closer with challenges, etc. It is just important not to have the challenges too much a part of the program so that there is too much competition. That can cause work problems for those that get very competitive.

There are even programs available on smart phones that keeps the records and helps build some of the competition. There are walking programs, diet programs, and even weight-loss programs that track the amount of weight loss but don’t reveal the actual weight, so there is no chance of embarrassment. Giving the use of the smart phones can be an added incentive, as it seems that there is a technology feature.

Some employers even encourage involvement in the programs they make available by offering financial incentives. They can offer a small financial reward for participation, and even a larger reward for the “winners” — those that lose the most, rack up the most steps, or miles in a walking program, or those who eat healthily the most days. This involves the employer more in keeping track and such, which often gives the employees a sense of greater support by the employer. Sometimes, however, this can backfire as the employees can feel like the employer is interfering, that it is not really their program. There must be some discretion used here.

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