All the successful companies in this world are based on excellent strategies. Strategy and planning are two important steps without which you can’t think of successful small business. Whether you’re starting a new company, a new solution, a new campaign or a company branch, you must first have a plan. The best managers know the value of plan and how crucial it is to the health of a small business. By Steve Jobs into Howard Schultz, Jack Welch and all of the fantastic managers and business leaders have written and talked about strategy and its significance. Behind great products and wonderful marketing campaigns, there’s the power of plan. Kotler has also emphasized the value of plan and how a fantastic marketing strategy helps manufacturers succeed in an extremely competitive world.

When Jack Welch joined as GE CEO, he knew there were significant hurdles in the way of GE and discovering growth could be difficult. He decided to give his company a new leadership. The strategy that he used was simplification. What frequently happens is that managers and executives don’t have a clear cut approach and so whenever a change occurs or a new force arrives in the current market, they’re left feeling defeated because they’re not prepared to shift direction. If you would like to bring an organization-wide change, first you have to have a plan that can help you go further than simply achieving aims. From product launch to sales and marketing as well as finance and HR, everywhere you will need a fantastic strategy to win. The biggest technology companies such as Google and Facebook are famous for their excellent HR strategies. Apple and Microsoft are well known for their excellent product plans. If Amazon became the largest e-retail giant, the reason was that it had a fantastic strategy. From being merely a book vendor to being the largest online retailer, everything was based on the ability of their leaders’ strategy. Plan can be as successful to eliminate every little and big hurdle from the path. Jack Welch brought simplicity in his organization because he understood without it there was likely to be mess that could kill productivity by murdering communicating. He divided the whole company into several divisions where every one had its own leader and every leader had the possession of his company. He removed several layers of management to make a leaner structure which was more agile and more effective. Communication could move faster and the conclusion that could otherwise take years, may be made quicker and within days. A strategy can alter a business’ management and everybody knows GE has continued to expand despite the tumultuous market and geopolitical scenarios.

Other big businesses also have focused on approach to find quicker growth in global market. Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike and all the other big manufacturers have generated growth through great business plans. All of these have good product and marketing strategies. Apple’s product strategy has made it one of the largest brands of the world. Likewise Nike’s marketing strategy is valued globally for its ability to connect with its fans. An attractive strategy makes an attractive enterprise. It brings synchronization and enhances collaboration and communication. Big brands are always prepared for the future and understand that company can have to experience critical financial phases where only a fantastic business strategy can help. The past decade has witnessed several stages of economic and geopolitical turbulence. Without an fantastic strategy, it becomes hard to confront the changing winds. It’s a time where all of the present ideas from invention to globalization are being contested. It’s the period of disruptive innovation and manufacturers such as Uber and Air BnB Management have found development only through great small business ideas and business strategies. Only a simple piece of technology can’t help you win.

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