Each time, our homes gather clutter as a result of our activities. By the time summer is ending items such as straw sun hats, beach shoes and sand clog our houses in the interior while in the exterior rusting barbecues form the outside clutter. A good clutter clear out can prove to be very intense hence the adoption of the Feng Shui art of creating harmony in a living space. Feng Shui can be defined as a Chinese Philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the environment. It literally translates to wind water in English. Check out this guide from BlueBox Storage on how to clear the clutter.


According to the Feng Shui art of creating harmony in a living space, our periodic clear out should extend beyond small issues to consider bigger issues at hand in our homes. Everything has an effect on the energy in a room, so a big bulky electric fan, for example, may be considered to be an obstacle. But in terms of making a big difference to your space, those things are a bit of a diversion. Instead, the art suggests it’s the factors affecting our flow of positive or negative energy – the relationship between our homes and nearby surroundings, the placement of interior doors, or the placement of furniture – that deserve our undivided attention. Most people have heard that sharp plants give out negative energy in a room. Feng Shui art also suggests that one should keep the toilet lid down to create positive energy.

These elements are not likely to be considered when looking at the Feng Shui of one’s house improving the Feng Shui of ou r environments to bring a relaxing and pleasant feeling is more inherent than we might think. Imagine your bed’s position in your bedroom or your couch’s position in the living room. You’d never organize things so that your head is pointing into the middle of the room, you just wouldn’t consider doing it. It’s most common to have the head against a solid wall. Placing your table between a door and a window is also less than ideal, as the flow of negative energy across the bed isn’t very soothing and may cause difficulty in finding rest. It’s all about creating a nice balance between harmonies, beauty and connecting to the elusive energies of the place to bring it to life.

The 5 Chinese Elements

The Chinese culture has five elements which include metal, fire, wood and water should be balanced accordingly. Feng Shui experts believe that appealing these energies in various locations can bring some positivity to one’s prospects for essential elements such as wealth, health and happiness. In the Feng Shui art, these elements are not taken literally in that water refers to something flowing; wood energy shows some sense of growth; earth energy is nurturing. It’s about bringing out the best prospective of the building to make the most of whatever you’ve got, and rejecting any of the negative points that may bring negative energy.

Addressing specific concerns with Feng Shui will need the help of an expert consultant. But whereas some styles of Feng Shui such as flying stars, for example – give detailed guidance on how to arrange your living space, many consultants agree that a more realistic approach is just as powerful For others Feng Shui is a truly all-inclusive approach to the environment that integrates mindfulness and environmental; awareness to create spaces that nurture and support their inhabitants. The upshot is a series of practical suggestions – blistering red bedding to stimulate passion in the sleeping chambers; large stones or sculptures to humble anyone a little selfish; a mirror or fish tank which is deemed to improve connectedness with others.

Many people believe we should all review how well our home supports us. As a holistic interior architect, one may encounter many people who are thinking about integrating Feng Shui art and eco-friendly design into their homes and businesses, but they want to wait until space is clean, or until they have more time, or until they move or until they have cleared their clutter. Therefore the Feng Shui art is very important.

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