Portable pop up displays in Canada are a type of exhibition stand which you can use for promoting your company by simply attaching your printed graphics onto a latticed frame. Such pop up displays are usually prominent during exhibitions and trade shows. Let us see why.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Portable Pop Up Displays

Reason #1: High Impact Display Solution

These are very light-weight and can be carried along with relative ease. However, when assembled, they turn into visually striking stands.

Due to their portable dimensions, they can be used in any type of space-only or shell scheme floor space.

Reason #2: Fully Customizable

In addition to the standard designs (straight, L-shaped, or curved), you can easily join pop-ups together or customize them in other ways to fit into different types of display spaces.

You can also print a new panel and add to the same stand, making them suitable for exhibitors interested in modifying their message for every trade show.

Moreover, you may add different accessories to your pop up display. For instance, you can add carry cases and shelves that are able to fit-in wraparound graphics and turn into portable counters.

Types of Pop Up Displays

There are different types of pop up displays you can select from. Let us look at the details here.

  • Pop Up Display Stands:       These have an            aluminum frame that is collapsible and this frame can be expanded to             create back
  • Pop Up Counters:     Here you also have a small    frame that can be pulled out to make the counter. After the graphic wrap is attached, a wooden countertop can be
  • Pop Up Display Towers:      These portable displays consume very little space and yet provide             exhibitors almost 360 degree exposure. These also consist of a pull out frame that can be customized to match your organization’s branding efforts.


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