Are you looking to overhaul your restaurant? When doing a restaurant redesign, there are three factors you want to include to ensure your success. Start with a deep clean, take a second look at your menu and finally check in with your staff.

Clean Up

Your first step in any update is a deep clean. Going through and cleaning is good for health and safety reasons. For example, performing a restaurant vent hood duct cleaning NYC keeps your oven performance up while preventing dangerous gas build-up or fire. A deep clean can make a big difference in how your restaurant overhaul goes. Don’t forget to go through and clean the tables and floors, as this is where your guests will get the first impression of your restaurant.

Review Your Menu

Next, take the time and go through your menu. Talk with your staff about what sells well and what is not to understand better how your customers view your menu now. Take the time to check its readability, size, layout and pricing. An updated menu should reflect your restaurant’s values and be easy to read. It’s no secret most customers know, the longer the menu, the less fresh the ingredients are. Keep that in mind as you go through this process.

Support Your Staff

Finally, talk to your staff about what they need to be happier at work. More often than not, employees will say they want a higher salary. While this may make you nervous, a higher pay rate means you will see your staff work harder and be more focused. When hiring, you will see better competition from your applicants. When you are redoing your restaurant, be sure to remember your workers. A happy staff will bring in more business and better productivity.

With a cleaner space, better menu and happy staff, your restaurant update is sure to succeed.


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