Many brands use their business name to create a wide-reaching success in the corporate world. Others fall flat, hit badly by bad press or a market downturn. While the world of business will always be unpredictable, one thing remains true: choosing the right trademark for a company can make a big difference in terms of whether than company sinks or rises to the top. It’s no surprise that thousands of businesses use a DC Trademark Attorney to create and protect their business trademark. Filing for and protecting your trademark will make sure your identity is completely yours. You don’t have to worry about thieves coming in and claiming intellectual property. You don’t even have to worry about competitors if you choose the right mark. Here are a few reasons why every business needs a strong trademark.

You’ll Stay Legally Protected

If you’ve ever served on a jury, you already know how complicated legal battles can be. Even more complicated than average are cases which put the idea of intellectual property into dispute. Since these cases are famously hard to fight and win, dealing as they do with ideas rather than tangible assets, they can end up totally draining a company’s funds in a matter of months, with no one coming out a winner on either side. A trademark can actually help you avoid getting dragged into court. Once you register your trademark, you have actual evidence that you arrived at the idea first and made it yours. You don’t have to head to court to prove that you are the rightful owner of your business idea.

Your Web Presence Will Soar

It can be difficult to build up a strong presence on social media, whether you’re an individual or a corporate entity. One thing that can really help is to make sure you’re putting out a clear image of what it is you do and stand for as a company. Trademarking can be a huge help with this. Once you have an image or phrase that perfectly stands for what you do, you can use it to boost your online presence, setting up a website and social media channels that will help you connect with fans and users across the globe.

You’ll Be a Unique Voice

More than anything, your trademark is a stamp of individuality. It tells consumers that you’re not like every other business offering the same generic service. The right trademark can show that you’re friendly, open, willing to work hard, no-nonsense, or whimsical. It can tell whatever story you want to create about your business, putting you in full control of your image at all times.

You’ll Grow Easily

Nothing helps growth like word of mouth, and nothing helps word of mouth like a trademark. If your trademark is strong, it will help draw users toward your business. Think about how inviting the red bullseye of a Target store appears in the distance. Eventually, you’ll want your trademark to become a byword for what you’re offering, leading people toward your business with a pre-existing sense of what they can expect.

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