Much thought may not come to the catering industry. However, the catering business is a part of the overall hospitality industry that is booming with billions. In the United States alone, over eleven thousand companies are grouped into the catering industry. Out of those eleven thousand, they generate eight billion dollars annually. This create a large workforce of domestic workers, contractors, cooks, bakers and waiters. Establishments like hotels and restaurants are also a part of this large workforce. But as health becomes more of a concern for Americans, catering companies are adjusting their menus to meet health and nutrition conscious people.

Some may wonder or question why the catering industry is as successful as it is. Catering is in full demand due to many functions and events people have that need to be catered. Family functions, business events, sporting events and religious events are just a few examples of when people need catering. Catering companies have a lot of options for customers to select from. But a growing trend for customers to select from is healthier foods like fish and fruits and green vegetables.

Salad bar catering is a great alternative to the traditional kind of foods that are catered. Establishments are incorporating this type of item as a part of their catering services due to how people are demanding for healthy options for their events. But why the salad bar is in high demand goes back to the long history of how the beloved and tasty salad bar came about.

According to the Wikipedia, the salad bar was created back in the 1960s. They first began appearing in mid-price eating establishments. Their longevity is due to how they appeal and satisfy customers due to the many options they offer. Customers enjoy all the fixings that come along with a salad bar. Salad bars allow for customers to eat all that they want. From a business perspective, it is a cost-effective way to fill up a hungry customer. From a customer perspective, it allows the customer to make their eating experience unique.

Catering companies everywhere are adapting salad bars into their lineup. Weddings, baby showers, parties and all other events benefit from having these salad bars as a part of the menu. Salad bar options vary. Meats are of course are a part of these bars. Chicken, beef, port, steak, shrimp and fish can be found as the meats for a salad bar. Whether you are into lettuce or kale or spinach for your salad, these bars have all types of leaves for whatever taste you prefer. The vegetable combinations for these salad bars are endless. Vegetables include tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and pretty much anything that comes to mind. Fruit toppings are also available. Berries, citrus fruits and grapes are typically on the salad bar. A variety of tasty cheeses from American cheese to aged chesses are available. Salad dressings typically are homemade. These salad bars are the finishing touches to any event and making the lucrative catering industry boom.

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