Physically limiting the ability of people to pass to and from business campuses, buildings, rooms, or material information technology assets is known as access control. Today’s technology allows for more reliable and secure systems that can be combined and customized to the level of security needed. Four common types of authorization equipment include biometric devices, Bluetooth or mobile apps with barcodes, password or pin codes with keypad, and access cards or key fobs.

Biometry Instruments

Typically used for those businesses needing the most advanced security, biometric devices can verify a person’s identity. By scanning a myriad of points on the face or fingertip, not only is identity revealed but also the physical security clearance. These devices can be combined with other types of access control for business in Huntsville to provide a multi-factor authentication procedure.

Mobile Equipment

Bluetooth is a mobile technology that allows employees to wave a smartphone in front of a sensor in order to enter or exit sensitive areas. Mobile apps with barcodes work by requiring employees to log in to the app and scan a barcode at a sensor. In addition, mobile equipment allows businesses to limit access to sensitive digital information.

Password Keypad

In this approach, each employee is given a code that grants them access based on their security clearance. As employees change positions or leave for another job, their authorization can be promoted or downgraded easily.

Key Card

A basic type of safeguard is the key card system, also known as a key fob or access card. Once door readers are installed at desired access points, each employee can be given a wallet-sized card that contains their authorization data. These cards can be customized for each person according to their clearance.

Different types of security devices are available for businesses. These devices are used for different levels of control and can work in conjunction with each other to accentuate security.


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