There are hundreds of various trade shows, conventions, and exhibition opportunities throughout the year. Why not be prepared for these opportunities with customized rental exhibits designed to display your brand and make things easier for you? 

Rather than coming up with your own materials and booth design, you can use customized rental pieces to get your setup ready for action. You will likely not even be able to tell that you choose to use a rental display rather than spending extra money on your own standard display. 

Custom-built booth designs can get pretty pricey. Thanks to the updates in technology, though, rental exhibits can be just as classy, and you don’t have to find room to store the various parts of the exhibit when you’re done! 

Choosing a Rental Display

When it comes to rental exhibits, you can choose from a generic display that looks just like every other generic display. These have nothing that makes you stand out. Sure, they have your logo and branding, but that’s unremarkable. 

However, a customized rental display is going to be tailored to your needs. You can choose various components and design elements to fabricate a system that catches attention. Even with a rental, you can accomplish unique visibility. 

But you don’t want to be generic. You need to choose customization that will make you stand out. This is quite possible, even with a rented display. You don’t have to keep it basic. 

A Customized Rental Exhibit Can Meet Your Needs

When you walk around a trade show, what stands out to you? Do you notice stellar booths that are real attention-grabbers? Do you notice drab booths without any stunning visuals? 

Did you know that a customized rental exhibit design doesn’t have to be dull? There is a common misconception that if you just rent an exhibit setup, it will be plain and boring. That’s actually not the case. Sure, there are some companies that will offer generic discounted rentals. But that doesn’t have to be what you choose. 

While you will likely be held to standard sizes and elements, it doesn’t mean they can’t really stand out. Businesses that design custom booth exhibits may have excessive inventory and booth pieces that aren’t being used. 

The key is to choose an exhibit rental company that gives you options and will use dynamic design elements to help you pull a great-looking booth into fruition. You should be able to find a company that has all of these options in their rental solutions: 

  • Double-deck exhibits
  • Island booth displays
  • Peninsula displays
  • Customized setup
  • Varying size options
  • Varying elemental selections

The process should be similar to purchasing your own customized exhibit designs. The only difference is you are renting those elements temporarily, and the company is storing them and creating them for your temporary use. 

Customized Rental Exhibits Benefits

Not every company has the budget to purchase fabricated all-inclusive booths. Or perhaps you need something customized and you haven’t yet determined how often you will attend trade shows. 

A rental can be a great option for testing out trade show atmospheres, avoiding dealing with the storage of your pieces, or working with a more limited budget. 

Take a look at some of these benefits of using rental exhibits. 

Budget Compatibility

The first element is conforming to your budget. If you can’t quite justify the cost of having your own custom exhibits built for ownership, starting with a rental is a great option. You can still customize the solution to make it fit your needs. The only difference is that you pay to use it for a designated period of time rather than paying for complete ownership of the exhibit. 

The cool thing is you still get complete customization; it’s just on a temporary time scale. 

Set Up in More than One Location

Perhaps you already own an exhibit booth but you have two different expos happening on the same dates. Even if you don’t already own a booth display, you can still rent for both events. Using rental exhibits gives you the ability to set up at more than one location at a time if the need arises. 

Many trade shows have similar dates and times, so this gives you an added option to attend more events despite overlapping dates. 

Full Customization Opportunity

We can’t say this enough. A rental exhibit doesn’t have to be bland and generic. You have the ability to fully customize the entire design and the elements of your booth displays. Or at least you should. If you’re using a company that doesn’t allow you to take your design to the next level, you might need to consider using a different rental provider. 

Shipping, Storage, and Transport

A customized rental exhibit is tailored to your needs. There are several ways to create smaller, portable aspects for your booth display. When chosen correctly, you might be able to save on shipping or transport costs by using elements that don’t require extensive weight or packing to get from point a to point b. 

Final Thoughts

A customized rental exhibit can host any element that you need and cater to your desired experience. Whether you need something like custom rooms, various kiosks, or other specifications, a customized rental can work for your every trade show need. 

Choose customized exhibit creators who can help you bring your elements together and get the design just right. 

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