If you ship goods that require a temperature-controlled environment, you may be interested in shipping refrigerated goods. The refrigerated shipping container allows you to safely transport perishable goods to your international destination. This type of transport is used to keep your items free of evaporation and respiration during transport.

Although refrigerated transportation may seem like an additional and unnecessary expense, it can be the difference between the arrival of your healthy and safe goods compared to damaged or unusable ones.

When it comes to goods that need a certain temperature, food is often the most obvious. Still, many other products may also require refrigerated transportation that includes certain types of materials and medical supplies.  For exporters, Rotainer the Container Rotation system helps supply the refrigerated containers.

With added technology and advances in refrigerated loading. Several improvements have been made to the international transport of refrigerated goods. Refrigerated cargo containers are designed to maintain an adequate airflow and humidity level.

If you export or import goods abroad or travel abroad and you are thinking of packing your items in a refrigerated container, here are seven facts you should know.

  1. Available sizes: In general, shipping firms that allow refrigerated containers allow two sizes: 20 and also 40-foot containers. They are ideal for both small and large objects looking for lower temperatures. The larger option is also perfect for large furniture and household items.
  2. Accommodation: refrigerated shipping container are equipped to provide low temperatures customized to your cargo and needs. Although this service may seem extensive and non-specific, refrigerated shipping depends on your individual products’ specific requirements.
  3. High-value protection: these refined containers are ideal for household goods such as paintings, furniture, and medicines. Unfavorable temperatures inside regular shipping containers damage some products.
  4. Extend shelf life: This mode of transport gives your products a longer shelf life while reducing waste. This is ideal for those who want to reduce waste as much as possible.
  5. Don’t compare with ordinary containers: transport containers which are not provided to withstand cold temperatures create a good warmer climate. This is extremely important for those who hope to transport their luggage in the warmer months or to warmer destinations.
  6. It is a science: refrigerated loading activity is advanced and also technologically sound. The industry needs an understanding of temperature, humidity, and chemical treatments. By choosing this option for international shipping, you can ensure that your goods are stored safely and efficiently.
  7. Anywhere: this type of temperature-controlled load has captured water. This type of container transport has become a basic choice for many individuals, not just importers and exporters.

After reading these seven facts, it is understandable why so many people choose this type of shipping. Refrigerated transportation can be more beneficial to your goods and provide an ideal and safe environment for your property.

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