Do you have a habit of losing your belongings? Even if we don’t have any such habits, it is very easy to lose keys because they are small and flat enough. Due of this, people usually have to get their locks replaced, and on the worst side, they are stuck out of their home for hours. Here we have some tips that might help you keep your keys in check to not lose them anytime soon.

Designated Spot

If you have a spot that is meant to keep keys you can easily check that first when you suspect that you lost your keys. You can have key hanging hooks on which you can hang your keys after using them. A good idea is to keep your keys in a vase where you can easily find them.


People who keep their keys in pockets hardly ever lose them because they can easily detect if they are not there or have fallen on the ground. If you do not like the feeling of having your keys in your pocket, you can have key chains that can be adjusted with a belt loop or bag strap.

Extra Copies

Some people feel that it is not practical to have multiple copies of your keys, but it is essential to come in handy if you lost the one you use every day. Make sure that you have at least three copies of the important keys, and it’s always better to have more so that they can be used in case of emergency. One copy must be kept at home, and one must be kept at the office or with a friend of yours so that you can call them if you are locked out of your home.

In case you have lost your keys and you don’t have a backup then you will need to call Locksmith Newcastle.

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