Adding a new member to your team can be a little stressful. If you make a hire that doesn’t work out well, you’ve lost a fair amount of time and resources. Putting some extra due diligence into your recruiting and hiring process can help assure that you’ll hire the most qualified candidates available.

Post Listings in a Number of Sources

Don’t assume that posting a job opening on one popular site will catch the attention of everyone who might be interested in it. Try to get your posting on several of the best job sites for maximum visibility.

Write Descriptive Listings

A bare-bones job description that doesn’t include a lot of necessary qualifications may not get you a great pool of applicants. Include as many job duties as possible. List some of your most important requirements for a position.

Make Interviews Meaningful

Most applicants are somewhat nervous interviewing, but you should attempt to put them at ease. You want a chance to see how they normally interact. Ask some questions that go beyond the basics. Include questions about how applicants would react to certain scenarios on the job.

Research Backgrounds Thoroughly

You should verify references and get a release to conduct a thorough background check. Applicants who will be driving as a part of their job duties need a driving record background check.

Don’t Settle

Even if you’re in a bind with a vacant position, don’t hire out of desperation if you don’t feel confident about your choice. When possible, leave yourself enough time to meet with several candidates. If time isn’t an option, consider hiring a temp worker before taking on a full-time employee.

Your workforce is counting on you to make good choices during the hiring process. When you hire the best candidates available, you’ll support your existing workforce and make your workload as a manager considerably easier.


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