Employers may use Boston staffing firms to recruit and interview the talent they need to fill internal positions. These agencies may provide employees for any level of your organization, from receptionists to highly skilled or executive employees. These are a few tips for working with staffing firms.

Set Your Goals

Each position you fill requires specific skills and knowledge. Therefore, your first job is to define the position, identify the necessary skills and discuss the type of person you want for the position. You should also discuss whether you will provide training or if you want the prospective employee to have the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job from day one. The desired personality type should also be defined. Finally, determine your budget.

Learn About the Firm

Before you sign any contracts with a staffing firm, do some research. For example, learn about the services the firm offers and the firm’s hiring process. Learn how many applicants they have in their database and how fast this database is expanding. Gather information about the type of people, including their skill or professional levels, the firm has in its database. Today, you may be looking for a lower-level employee, but tomorrow, you may be looking for an executive, and you may not want to work with more than one agency.

Be Aware of Your Timeline

Staffing agencies have employees ready today, so be careful about trying to staff positions too soon. If you have received six-months of notice from an employee, you may let the firm know immediately if you will hire a person immediately, but it may be better to wait until closer to the employee’s termination date if you don’t want the extra staff right away.

Be Specific

When you speak with a staffing firm about a job, be specific about what you need. Discuss your industry and company. Then, tell the agency about the position you need filled, including the exact skills and knowledge you need the person to have. You should also speak about your corporate culture and what type of person will fit well.

By following these tips, you can experience all the benefits of working with a staffing agency.


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