The safety and wellbeing of your workers is the number one priority. Pallet racking systems need to work correctly to maintain safe working practice and to keep your operation moving smoothly. Annual checks that are carried out by an approved safety inspector are, of course, very important; in addition, regular training and safety protocol adherence reminders should be attended by all staff – even long-serving workers – to ensure a continuing safe and healthy working environment. Here are three tips for ensuring pallet racking safety.

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When it comes to pallet racking Ireland has strict safety guidelines that all businesses must follow. One of the simplest and most effective ways of ensuring that all employees follow these rules is to label your racking storage correctly. Choose polyester labels, as these won’t peel and break down as easily as paper labels. When staff can see the weight and capacity limits at a glance, they are less likely to make a mistake; therefore, loads are packed and picked correctly and safely.

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Pallet placement and loading rules
Even if your pallet racks are in tip-top condition, bad working practice renders them unsafe; for example, too high a load and not tying down pallets correctly place undue risks on your workers. As we have seen, correct labelling is a great way to ensure that load capacity limits are respected. To continue with good practice, workers should know the correct procedures, such as where the heavier loads go, how the dimensions of loads affect their storage position, and how they sit on racks. Such information should be updated and discussed with all workers during regular training sessions.

You should carry out weekly checks internally, with more in-depth checks of all your pallet-racking systems fortnightly or monthly. By carrying out these checks, you can spot early signs of wear and tear and – crucially – you can ensure that all your workers are engaging in good practice. Your pallet racking is made of many components and all should be in top condition, so make sure you check each piece regularly. If you need new pallet racking, specialists such as will be able to help you.

With these three tips, you can keep your warehouse working effectively and safely, ensuring good warehouse business practice and a healthy workforce.

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