Recycling is a topic that is commonly spoken about. There are ads and other types of campaigns telling everyone how they can do their part to recycle used objects so that some of the material used to create them can be salvaged. Instead of ending up in a landfill, the ocean, on city streets, or elsewhere, this salvaged material can be used to create something else and be of use to someone once again. Plastic is the material most commonly associated with this movement to recycle; however, here are some non-plastic things you didn’t know you can recycle.

Big Household Appliances

There are many big appliances that can always be found inside homes. Incredibly, you can actually request things like refrigerator recycling Sussex County NJ. There are always people interested in harvesting scrap metal from large objects like these. There are several reasons for this. For example, it saves them money and time because they don’t need to do things like finding ores and extracting the metal from them. Plus, recycling metal has the added benefits of reducing waste and thus saving some space in landfills.

Old Vehicles That No Longer Work

Another example of a large object that is made of metal and can be recycled is your old vehicle. Of course, working cars can be resold to anyone interested in driving them. Additionally, even ones that no longer work can have working parts removed from them so that they can be used for replacements in other vehicles. However, once a car has lost all of its use, there’s still a large metal object left that can be recycled.

You can recycle more than just plastic. The next time you find yourself with a large, useless metal object on your hands, remember that you can help the world by having it recycled.

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