Tamper-evident materials are designed to prevent unauthorised access to a wide range of products. These can include everything from food, medicine, credit cards, money, computer systems and many more. When tamper-evident materials are designed, it’s important to think about what potential tamperers might do to attempt to gain access, make tampering as difficult as possible and remove the temptation to even attempt tampering. Some tamperers may only have a small window of opportunity to attempt to gain unauthorised access to items, which means it’s important to ensure they do not have sufficient time to break into a package.

Anti-tampering systems in history

Centuries ago, materials including wax and metal seals were used to ensure letters could not be resealed once they were opened. The National Security Agency have developed special holograph and prism labels that are almost impossible to duplicate, whilst legal contracts are initialled and numbered individually so attempts to add or remove pages can easily be detected. Electronic voting machines have special security seals, and baby food packaging has been tamper-proof for many years. This first occurred after extortionists claimed to have added poison to baby food. It is now essential to assure the public that products have not been tampered with before they hit the shelves. Designs were reinforced when it was found that some tamper-resistant jars could be reclosed with their seals remaining intact.

The growth of tamper-proofing

FDA regulations led to food and medicine manufacturers adding induction sealing to make tampering even more difficult. RFID tags, labels, custom seals and tamper-proof tape are now commonly added to such items to remove the chances of tampering. Materials like tamper-proof tape are even used by the police to stop evidence being tampered with. It’s not uncommon for product manufacturers to use a range of seals, tags and tape products to protect goods.

Why Tamper Tech?

Tamper Technologies has been a market leading producer of tamper-proof tape and other security products for a decade-and-a-half. Receiving the Queens Award for Innovation in 2015, the team are noted for their expertise in printing, silicone release technology and adhesives and have a global network of approved distributors. Their products are used to protect packaging, crates, cartons, boxes and polythene bags around the world. The team are able to offer a range of standard and custom application-specific solutions, with products designed with parameters such as temperature, humidity and more in mind.

Getting in touch

Tamper Technologies offer Tamper Evident Tape for a range of applications. You can contact Tamper Technologies at any point if you do have any queries about the solutions that they provide. They are able to provide tape for air travel, computer systems, cash and valuables, mail order goods, smartphones and more. You can get a quote by using the special form on the website. Contact Tamper Technologies to learn more about the various security products that they provide by sending an email to chris@tampertech.com or by calling +44 (0) 1335 300335.

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