Whether you’re looking for protection or a way to keep warm, concealed carry jackets are a good choice. These clothing pieces, also known as cover garments, can be worn over a shirt and help hide a firearm without compromising accessibility.

For the best results, try several styles of cover garments and go through your daily activities (i.e., sitting, standing, bending, reaching, etc.).

It Keeps You Warm

concealed carry coats and jackets is a must-have for cold weather and can keep your sidearm warm. Denim and wool coats are ideal for concealed carry, significantly longer styles. You can use a paddle holster or a pocket holster in them. Look for fabrics like herringbone, birdseye or rough tweed, which can help break up the outline of your gun.

In addition to ensuring that your weapon is concealed, the right coat should make it easy to access quickly. It should be easy to zip open or pull up, and you may want a pass-through kangaroo pocket for easy access to your pistol. Also, consider whether you would wear it if you weren’t carrying it. If not, it’s probably not a good option.

It’s Concealable

Many in the LE/military/self-defense community prefer to carry in winter because thick fabrics and layers make concealing a gun much more accessible than in summer. Nonetheless, the right jacket and holster can make carrying even in warmer weather relatively effortless.

Pocket carry is generally effective, but only as long as the pockets are large enough and well-placed (closed flaps on the front of a coat or jacket will prevent the unbuttoned or unzipped pocket from accidentally exposing the holster). Casual shirts worn loosely or untucked conceal guns when paired with an inside-the-waistband holster.

A hoodie can also conceal a handgun, but it’s hard to do that in public without looking like you’re trying too hard. A concealed-carry jacket that looks more like your traditional work or police jacket and features pass-through kangaroo pockets for easy access to your firearm makes for a discreet way to carry a weapon in cold weather.

It’s Comfortable

When you wear a concealed carry coat or jacket, it should feel comfortable. After all, you may be putting it to the test in an actual self-defense situation. It should hold your gun tight, too. If you wear one that doesn’t fit right, it could bounce around and draw attention or hurt your body during a fight or a fall.

If you want a conceal-carry jacket that looks like you could be dressed for work, consider a bomber style with a padded lining to hide bulges and a more extended waist than moto-style ones. Then, choose a pattern or floral that better hides print and gun prints. You can also find denim jackets for concealed carry with spread corduroy collars offering a Western look and discreet firearm pockets.

It’s Versatile

There are many styles of concealed carry clothing that can be made to look casual and professional. Dressy business casual outfits like those worn by plainclothes police officers or bodyguards can make concealing a firearm much easier because it seems respectable.

Jackets and vests are great cover garments for people carrying them during cold weather. The pattern or print of the fabric can hide the outline of the gun and keep it out of sight for those around you.

Another excellent option for concealed carry clothing is leggings or joggers with a holster designed to fit in the waistband or belt loops. It allows you to carry comfortable, stylish clothing that can be worn anywhere. Adding a holster also makes it possible to wear them with a top hidden under the joggers with a pass-through kangaroo pocket for easy access.

It’s Easy to Carry

Ensure the fit is comfortable, and you can readily draw from your holster when choosing a coat or jacket for concealed carry. If your jacket is excessively tight, it could make accessing your gun difficult or leave an imprint on the material. Conversely, an overly baggy garment could be floppy and expose your weapon to passersby.

A concealment jacket that resembles a regular work jacket is ideal. These jackets are low-profile enough to conceal an appendix or IWB holster but also comfortable and functional for indoor wear. They’re available in men’s and women’s cuts and regular and tall sizes to suit different proportions. These rugged daily jackets are ideal for workwear and weekend wear, too.

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