You know most precious things come in life from spending the time with your loved ones. But, necessities and luxuries of life for those that you love need money too. When I quit my job for my newborn baby girl, I struggled to think about everyday expenses, and we had to live hand to mouth with not so smart salary of my husband. I have chosen a business that I can run on the side to earn extra money and don’t feel obligated to work 9 to 5 jobs.

Yes! I decided on a location free lifestyle business with ”Online Expert Empire”. This online training program polishes the passion, brilliance, expertise inside you, and gives you the courage to start an online business after becoming an expert in your niche.

The difference I have learned between a ‘’lifestyle business’’ and ‘’a true startup company’’ is ”the time commitment”. By using wise use of resource’s lifestyle requires a lesser time commitment and can be heavily leveraged.

The second best part is it’s a fun thing. It’s only about doing what you love and passionate about. If all goes well, you soon become able to quit your job (as my husband did). If you are thinking of being filthy rich, it’s highly unlikely but surely possible. This fantastic decision changed our life completely, and this location-independent plan was turned into reality with the cooperation and guidance of JOHN SPENCER ELLIS (JSE).

He taught me how to turn my hobby/passion for purpose and profit. I enjoyed the Online Expert Empire program, and following the proven system of JSE, couples can build their family business. From creating online courses to build a professional association for your niche, you learn to become a leading expert and make money online and offline. Here, at, you can successfully grow a business you love and enjoy the life you want.

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