Great leaders are not born, they are taught – the lesson of how to become an effective leader in the field of their expertise. There are some things great leaders have in common. They have a good work ethic, the ability to do their job even without external help or motivation, and above all, delegate tasks to others in the team. In other words, they are excellent team players, even mastering how to turn the team into a task or project’s advantage. Their work ethic and strength are built within that will help them make informed decisions. Unlike a lousy employee who has temptations to cut corners or finish work by shady means, successful leaders are driven by patience and perseverance. They are mentors, coaches and advocates as well. They offer guidance in a team but take responsibility for their actions. Not just that, a good manager will challenge the team members and hold them accountable.

So, where are the leaders that have qualities and traits mentioned above and what happened to them? Well, there are a few present around us and others have potential to become one but do not have adequate resources to pursue their interests. This is because many companies, especially the smaller ones, do not provide training to these personnel either due to lack of funds, or they don’t see the need for it. Certainly, we have all seen or heard companies saving money in supplies, perks and benefits offered to their employees these days. It will come as no surprise to you that these companies are using their saving tactics in places like employee training. Something like leadership training is one such area. Even if they offer training, they are inconsistent and below average than the market standard.

A Gallup report found that, 43 percent of businesses have training programs that are under-performing and designed in a way that employees do not find any motivation in attending them, let alone being motivated by the trained employees. And then there are other issues like some managers aren’t well-versed in delegating various tasks. An effective leadership is not just about managing the team but creating an automatic system in place so that the leader has enough time to tend to important things like policy planning or decision making.

So, is there a perfect way to train your employees? Is there a particular set of qualities that a person should possess in order to be eligible for these training programs? The answer is not clear as it is still an old and ongoing debate. However, there are effective training programs that any business can accommodate in their everyday functioning to make sure that they are getting the best out of employees’ hard work and productivity. Websites, books, journals and service companies can help your business with “how-to” part of creating this effective leadership. With this information, we hope that you will be offered basics and additional tools that will help you ensure your business success as you start and grow it.

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