When you’ve worked hard to establish a small business, you might not have an extravagant amount of money left for marketing efforts.  While digital marketing is indeed helpful, there are less-expensive organic promotional alternatives that you can perform.  Successful serial entrepreneur and experienced marketing specialist, Mladen Djankovic shares some tips for small business owners.

Build a Community

Before trying to nab a consumer market, make your presence known in your area by making efforts to gather like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.  This will let you form bonds with other organizations that share the same goals as your company, hence, forming immediate outlets when you create promotional efforts.


According to Mladen Djankovic, the more you work with similar businesses on projects, the more established you will become. Entrepreneurs may tend to look towards their own business but collaborating with other organizations can help with adaptability and offer further opportunities for business development. Not only is this a good way to put your name out there, but it also shows your willingness to serve your consumers in the most innovative ways possible.

Create Promotions

Whether it is a sale or an offer for discounted rates, promotions always help to reel in consumers of all ages.  Everyone loves a sale or a purchase at a discounted rate.  Once you have decided on a promotion, create an event where people can easily gather and connect. Experiential Marketing is a great tool for creating promotions. It draws in many people and, if planned correctly, can be shared with social media influencers in an effort to kickstart the attention towards the brand.

  • With years of experience in developing global brands and spearheading top-tier companies, Mladen Djankovic is a seasoned corporate strategist and experienced marketing specialist. For more on Mr. Djankovic, visit this page
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