If you’ve been working at the same job for a few years now, odds are you’re ready to be valued for the skills you bring to the table. You’ve probably learned a lot since you were first hired, so you deserve a title and salary to match your new competence. Not every company makes it easy to get promoted by providing annual performance reviews or offering leadership management training courses, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get your day in the sun. You just need to know how to produce results no one can overlook that are worthy of a reward.

Ask for Feedback

Most managers are busy with their own jobs so they don’t necessarily have time to give feedback on everything you do. If you’ve just finished a big project or complex task that will be going to some higher-ups, don’t be afraid to request some constructive criticism. A great time to do this is when you deliver your project to your manager. Whether in person or in an email, you can add a quick, “Let me know what you think. I’d love to learn how to improve this project.” It shows you’re attentive, motivated and willing to accept critiques.

Become a Leader

There are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate leadership at work no matter what job you perform in the organization. Whether it is volunteering to head a committee, helping new hires get oriented in their roles or joining one of your company’s charity teams, you can always find an occasion to show you’re willing to step up. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your soft skills to supervisors and department heads without having to go through an application process. Next time there’s a job opening in your area, they’ll probably think of you first and invite you to interview.


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