Whether you are demolishing, renovating, buying or selling a commercial, industrial or residential property, you need to have it thoroughly inspected for the presence of any hazardous materials. However, such inspection can only be done by professionals who have the right kind of tools, equipment and expertise to handle the job. Fortunately, there are various hazmat consultants that are able to provide you with comprehensive property inspection services.

Hazmat Inspection Services Offered in Surrey

In case you have a property that needs to be inspected for the presence of any hazardous materials, there are fully equipped companies that are known to offer topnotch Hazmat inspection services in Surrey. The highly qualified hazmat consultants can handle both simple as well as complex inspections. Whether you are in need of asbestos testing or you are looking for experts in hazmat surveys in Surrey, these consultants can help. Ideally, they can handle:

  1. Asbestos Testing

Although it was largely used in different building materials in past decades, asbestos has actually been proven to be the cause of different health issues when breathed in. To avoid any associated dangers, you can call these consultants to inspect your house or building for the presence of any asbestos-containing materials. They have fully-equipped in-house laboratories that are well-staffed with certified technicians that will test the collected samples and provide you with a detailed report of the state of your house.

  1. Mould Testing

Mould is another potentially dangerous material that can develop almost anywhere with moisture and some source of food. For instance, it can thrive on walls, wood, carpeting, and even ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, during its growth, mould normally produces airborne spores, which can adversely affect your health when inhaled. For instance, these are responsible for causing:

  1. Asthma symptoms
  2. Lung infections
  3. Allergic reactions
  4. Sinusitis
  5. Infections in the airways

However, if you have noticed musty smells, high moisture levels in some areas of your property, or any of the above symptoms in the occupants of your building, you should call in these consultants. They will perform comprehensive mould testing and recommend the most ideal courses of action to take.

  1. Lead Testing

Lead is another extremely toxic substance that can cause developmental problems, nervous system breakdown, and abdominal problems, among many other health complications. The material can be found in paint, and metal pipes, among other areas. If you have a property that you suspect could contain any lead materials, you can count on these professionals to perform comprehensive lead inspection and testing. If it is found to be present, the consultants will recommend the best steps you need to take in order to get it removed or encapsulated and avoid lead poisoning problems.

These consultants can also provide you with air monitoring analysis, and other kinds of hazmat surveys. They have the right kind of equipment, which enables them to provide topnotch inspection and testing services for your residential, industrial or commercial property. Moreover, they normally do all these things while observing the highest safety, health and professional standards. Whether you need expert asbestos testing or you are looking for specialists in hazmat surveys in Surrey, these consultants can help.

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