There is no denying that people are generally dubious and have their reservations regarding online trading. That said, if you do all your preparations first and not make any hasty decisions, there is a lot of potential to succeed in online trading. Choosing a good and reliable trading platform is large part of these preparations. If you are a new trader uncertain regarding which trading platform to opt for, my best recommendation for you would be the Genesis11 online trading platform.

The following is a review of this online platform’s most prominent features which makes it one of the leading trading establishments in the financial domain.

Trading Portfolio Diversification

One of the most impressive features I like about the Genesis11 platform is their asset index. This contains a number of financial instruments that you can easily trade. When you use Genesis11, you have the advantage of trading in the forex market. In addition, they have also added an array of Contract for Differences (CFDs) that can assist you in diversifying your trading portfolio. Cryptocurrency is a lucrative option that you can explore, as well as major company stocks and valuable metals such as silver and gold. You will have a plethora of options to include in your trading portfolio. That will allow you to keep your profits high and risks low as all your eggs are not in the same basket.

Web Trader

A web trading platform will be provided to you when you use the Genesis11 for trading. You can access this platform via the official website. This is a considerable plus point for you as you do not have to download this platform anywhere. Furthermore, you can use it on any compatible device that features a web browser.  It also boasts some of the highly efficient trading tools that include live charts, price alerts, economic calendar and analysis tools. You can benefit from fast trade execution and single-click trading as well since that allows you to take full advantage of as many lucrative trading opportunities as possible. You can avail these opportunities ins a short span of time.

Regulations and Complete Safety

Safety is an important concern that both novice and experienced traders have when they use an online trading platform. That is because there is always a likelihood that your valuable information might fall in the wrong hands such as cyber criminals and hackers. You can rest assured that the Genesis11 platform provides all of its users a fully secure trading environment where they can trade without any worries.

Gensis11 has integrated the most advanced and robust security software in their system that prevents any unauthorized individuals from gaining access into their massive trading database. It also makes use of other security components such as SSL certifications which give users the peace of mind that they are carrying out all of their trading activities on a safe platform. Moreover, the broker whom you will deal with on Genesis11 utilizes the latest encryption software that fully encrypts each and every data point. Therefore, even if a cyber hacker does manage to break into the trading database, your valuable information will be completely useless to him or her. The data encryption ensures that any hacker cannot make sense of your trading and other sensitive information.

The Genesis11 online platform is fully regulated as well. What that means is that there is always a 3rd party that is continuously monitoring the activities of your broker. In this way, the broker does not have any opportunity to use your money in any way for their own advantage


Apart from its host of useful features, Genesis11 has a very easy to use interface and you can reach out to their representatives round the clock for any questions or concerns. Regardless of whether you are a new trader looking to step in to the trading world or an experienced person seeking to expand your trading portfolio, Genesis11 is one of the better and safer online trading platforms.


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