Starting a business is not easy. Starting a company that has to deal with other similar companies in the digital world is even more difficult. While it is true that your goal in terms of the number of visitors is much higher and has no borders, without a keyword strategy, it is almost impossible for them to find your website, especially if you are just starting your page or website. However, it is worth noting that search engines level the playing field for everyone. All the websites and web pages fighting for the first page do so under the same SEO rules (for its acronym in English of Search Engine Optimization or Positioning in Search Engines).

You can start a website with a very specific topic, for example, whitening soaps. Believe it or not, it is a search with more than 2.5 million results. In addition, very surely with some work, you can occupy the first places of internet searches. However, the number of visitors is not great, and not only that, the profit margin for the purchase of each bleaching soap is very small. What good is it that you are in the first position or on the first search page when you do not make enough money?

The Niche Strategy

On the other hand, if your niche or topic expands a little more, the situation changes. Nor do you want to compete in the beauty market, that is difficult, but something in between, for example, facial beauty or body bleaches. Do you realize it’s a bit more general without being too general? The search for “facial beauty” returned 245 million entries. This means that the number of visitors is also higher. Now the trick is how to find a way to excel in a slightly more competitive niche. It is not difficult. Now you need to follow a keyword strategy of more than three words. This is known as a keyword phrase. You are not going to try to be the first in facial beauty, in fact, you do not even know what the visitor is looking for when he arrives at a facial beauty page. It could be a number of items of interest, some of which, you may not carry in your inventory.

Creating An Opportunity

Looking for a facial? For whom, he or she? This is where you would create your opportunity. How about uploading a video about facial beauty for men? Or post an article about the steps to achieve facial beauty on sensitive skin? Interesting, right? You can find more ideas using the search engine’s own tools.


The world of SEO is very complex and changes every day. Search engines hide their rules from us and rather give us general guidelines that we must follow if we want to be successful on the Internet. It is important to think about the old law of supply and demand, especially in a digital world. If you don’t know how to maneuver around the Internet or how to stay in tune with the search engine rules, then contact an SEO consulting company like Be Found SEO.


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